March brings the Switch’s third anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with nindies? This month’s Nindie Spotlight takes gamers into the 80s, 90s, the future, and a world with loose rules. Here are four great titles to help take a breather from the more stressful release of FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

March 2019 Nindie Spotlight

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!

The Sega Genesis classic duo, ToeJam and Earl, are back in the groove in their latest installment. 17 years have passed since ToeJam & Earl 3: Mission to Earth launched on the Original Xbox, but that hasn’t stopped them. In this roguelike adventure, explore Earth after crash landing your spaceship. The duo sets out to retrieve the lost pieces for their rocket while also checking out tons of callbacks to the 90s. Fans of the original don’t have to worry about this game’s quality since the series co-creator, Greg Johnson is at the helm of this title. Jump into the game with four friends locally to help you along the way or go on your own journey. HumaNature Studios’ ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! is available now for $19.99.

Baba is You

In one of the most unique puzzle games to release this year, Baba is You presents players with a unique challenge: Manipulate the rules to win. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it’s much more complex than that. Each level’s “rules” are presented in the form of blocks and can be moved around in order to arrive at the solution. Change the environment, yourself, and even the goals to finish the section. It’s a game not for the faint of heart but can pose a satisfying challenge to those that do attempt it. Hempuli’s Baba is You is available now for $15.

Beat Cop

Jack Kelly, NYPD! Take control of Officer Kelly who’s been framed for murder and find out the dark secrets that lay behind it. Things aren’t so easy though, with your gold digging wife, cruel boss, and the local mafia wanting you dead. On top of this, you’re a Beat Cop, after all, so make sure to reprimand pedestrians and write tickets for violations. It’s a non-linear puzzle adventure game with multiple endings that captures the essence of the 80s. Craft your own tale and laugh at whatever you feel fit, even if it may not be the best time to laugh. 11 Bit Studios’ Beat Cop is available now for $14.99.

Blaster Master Zero 2

A series that found its start on the Nintendo Entertainment System has found its next installment on the Nintendo Switch. The first Blaster Master launched in 1988 and its sequel, Blaster Master Zero, was a launch title for the SwitchBlaster Master Zero 2 takes place a few months after the events of its predecessor, which saw the main character, Jason, save Earth from mutants. Now, his friend, Eve, has been corrupted by mutant cells and are tasked with saving her home planet while also trying to find a cure. Explore the galaxy with new weapons, power-ups, and enemies on this epic action-adventure game. Inti Creates’ Blaster Master Zero 2 is available now for $9.99.

With the recent Nindies Direct and the slew of physical releases from indie publishers such as Limited Run Games and Super Rare Games, this has been a fantastic month for indie games. In addition to this, Nintendo is launching Yoshi’s Crafted World on Friday, March 29 so gamers have plenty in store. This month has some quality releases and next month is sure to have more.

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