Goat Simulator has found its way to the Nintendo Switch but this time with all of its previously released content. Players can access the base Goat Simulator experience along with, Goat MMO Simulator, GoatZ, Waste of Space, and Payday expansions. Each game has its own offerings and random occurrences but is the Switch version worth it?

Goat Simulator: The GOATY Review

Many Different Modes

So much content is found here that it’s tough to know what to dive into first, especially for newcomers. The best of these are the base Goat Simulator areas, Goatville and Goat City Bay. Here, players become a goat and can explore each map while causing chaos however they see fit. It’s a pure sandbox that makes this game truly shine while also giving plenty to discover. Along with the original two modes are the DLC expansionsGoat MMO is the game’s attempt at mimicking an experience found in an MMO, while GoatZ takes aim at other titles with survival and zombie aspects. These two are true must plays, especially Goat MMO, since they offer similar experiences with their insane antics and digs at their respective genres.

Both Waste of Space and Payday play a bit different than these other modes. Waste of Space has a sci-fi setting with many nods to popular franchises like Star Warswith some subtle shots at crowdfunding campaigns. On the other hand, Payday is much like the series it’s named after. Become either a camel, flamingo, goat or a dolphin to pull off some high-stakes robberies. These are much more objective focused and don’t rely on a free-for-all sandbox to have unique experiences in. Having goals isn’t necessarily a bad thing but in a game like this, more freedom is definitely the better option. Also, it doesn’t work as well because the game’s controls aren’t tight and refined. The control scheme works if a player is randomly doing as they choose but when you have to rely on them it makes it more frustrating than enjoyable.

Goat Simulator: The GOATY Review

Plenty to do

What makes Goat Simulator really shine is just how much the user can do in every mode. Each map is filled with secret goodies that are begging to be discovered. From launching into space, becoming queen of the goats, or having a rooftop concert with Deadmau5, there is a lot to be accomplished. Completing various objectives can unlock new skins and abilities for your goats. However, there isn’t a set thing that has to be done. The game is merely a playground for users to run around and do as they please all while being a goat. It is definitely one of the dumbest games I’ve ever played but that’s what makes it so worthwhile.

Those looking for a bit extra to chase after can find some hidden goat trophies in every mode. There are lots hidden around the map but they don’t really do much, it really just gives another thing to look out for. Players are thanked with a few achievements in other console versions, however since the Switch doesn’t have this all that’s left is a couple of mutators. It would be nice to have a cool looking skin or goat type that makes these worth hunting down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t so you’re better off just sticking to what the game does best, its gameplay.

Goat Simulator: The GOATY Review

Dumb Fun

Goat Simulator isn’t something that should be played for a story or completing missions. What makes it so special is its ridiculous concept and how well it’s executed. Running around as a goat and headbutting anything in the way was outlandish at first but quickly became a key fun factor. With so many things to discover, it makes this feel like a true sandbox for any goat to come into their own. This is by far the dumbest game I’ve ever played but I can’t stop thinking about it. Every time the game boots up, I’m thrown into a world where goat is king and can do as it pleases with no repercussions. It’s a self-aware game that tends to not take itself too seriously.

The game is a fantastic fit for the Nintendo Switch for two reasons; the obvious being able to play it portability but mostly to show off to friends, family, or anyone interested in a fun time. Why wouldn’t you want to lend a joy-con to someone else and thrash a world together as goats? It also runs pretty well on the system, so you won’t have to worry about crashes, slow-downs, or lags. A few framerate drops can happen when too much is going on on-screen but besides that it’s fine. This is a well-made port but it doesn’t utilize anything that could be exclusive for the console, so it is the same game that’s been seen before.

Goat Simulator: The GOATY Review

Coffee Stain Studios bringing their hit game to Nintendo’s handheld system is a good thing but it doesn’t take advantage of it being a “new” release. It’s much of the same old, same old experience that’s been seen on other versions. After all, it did originally release in 2014. Justifying its $30 price-tag is very difficult since it doesn’t fully utilize the Switch’s capabilities nor does it add anything new. This is a fun game though, so if you haven’t tried it yet this may be the right time.


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Goat Simulator: The GOATY Review (Nintendo Switch)
Goat Simulator is an incredibly fun game although this Switch version is merely a port and doesn't offer anything new.
Overall Score7.5
  • Very Fun Gameplay
  • Lots to Discover
  • Varying Modes
  • Adds Nothing New
  • High Price Tag
  • Waste of Space and Payday DLCs Feel Lackluster
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