Although it was a surprise to many that Nintendo announced a remake of Link’s Awakening, it wasn’t to us. Over a year ago rumors were already circling that Nintendo was developing the title, originally slated for the Nintendo 3DS. Obviously, things changed and Nintendo moved its development to the Nintendo Switch. Link’s Awakening is actually a very dark game, which makes its cutesy art style a wonderful contrast to its bleak content. There are already so many games coming out this year (announced) for Nintendo, but, Zelda takes the cake. And it will be the reason Nintendo will reign supreme in 2019.

Nintendo Wins 2019 With Zelda

Link’s Awakening was, in many ways, the precursor to Majora’s Mask. In many ways it’s a darker tale and a much more presonal journey. While Breath of the Wild took the conventions of Zelda and turned it on its head, Link’s Awakening takes the series back to its roots. In many ways it’s the polar opposite of Breath of the Wild and will allow a younger generation experience the GameBoy original for the first time. Sometimes looking at the past allows us to appreciate the present, and this is exactly what Nintendo is doing with their remake of Link’s Awakening. It will excite new and old fans alike, as the Nintendo Switch is a hit console and Breath of the Wild introduced many to the Zelda franchise. This is why an HD remaster of Skyward Sword would be fantastic. It would introduce the title to a whole new generation of Zelda fans.

Nintendo Wins 2019 With Zelda

Why will Link’s Awakening, of all games, win 2019 for Nintendo? Apart from the fact that it’s Zelda, it’s one of the best Zelda games to date. Octopath Traveler proved that 2D games work on the Switch and players love old school style titles. In fact, many fans have been asking for a 2D Zelda game on the Switch for a while now. Compared to every game set to release this year, sans Pokemon Sword and ShieldZelda has the biggest appeal. While Link’s Awakening may not do the numbers that Sword and Shield put up, it’s one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises and a surprise to many. Riding on the momentum of Breath of the Wild, it is sure to be a financial and critical success.

I’ll admit I never technically beat Link’s Awakening. On my first playthrough, I was on the final dungeons and my OG GameBoy crashed, deleting my save file. On my second playthrough, I was on the final boss and the same thing happened, again. All my hours of play, lost. I’m personally excited because it will give me a second chance to finally beat the game. Link’s Awakening won’t win Nintendo 2019 because it will sell the most copies (Pokemon will take that crown), but because it’s unexpected and Zelda’s popularity is at an all-time high right now. Nintendo already had a strong lineup for this year, but Link’s Awakening seals the deal. It’s a game for everyone and much like Breath of the Wild, it’s a system seller.

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