The Nintendo Switch has proven that it is a perfect console for Indie games. Many have cited its ease to develop for and how well games perform on the system. In fact, Nintendo has been very supportive of Indies, offering them their own Nintendo Direct and recently saying that they want to release 20-30 on a weekly basis. This month, July 2018, has some great games coming onto the system that gamers should definitely keep a lookout for.

July 2018 Indie Spotlight

Bomb Chicken

Nitrome has created an explosive puzzle-platformer where players take control of a chicken. Users will have to learn how to navigate levels, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles with bombs. It’s an interesting mechanic that looks to provide tons of fun. Gamers can look forward to this title, arriving on July 12 to the Nintendo eShop.

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Pool Panic

Developed by Rekim and Published by Adult Swim Games, the two have helped to introduce “the world’s least realistic pool simulator game.” It is set to feature 100 levels for players to dive into in its single-player mode. There will also be a local multiplayer mode for up to four players. For fans of billiards or those that think it needs to be intertwined with the real world, the game shoots its way onto the Nintendo eShop July 19.

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July 2018 Indie Spotlight

Chicken Assassin: Reloaded

This upcoming action-RPG will have gamers shooting up enemies in the name of love. The main character, Mean Mcallister, must shoot his way to save his kidnapped girlfriend, Candy. 11 “epic” missions featuring over 450 unique items will help tell the narrative filled with over-the-top humor. An endless mode is also included. The game is currently scheduled for a July 17 release date.

July 2018 Indie Spotlight

Banner Saga 3

Back in 2014, The Banner Saga made its debut on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mobile devices. Garnering high-praise from critics and fans, the tactical role-playing game saw two sequels. The developer, Stoic, will release their franchise for the first time on a Nintendo system this July 24. This may be the final installment, but, it has also been announced that the previous two iterations will be available on the Switch at a later date.

Hello Neighbor

Dynamic Pixels found themselves a large following ever since Hello Neighbor was first introduced on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter. Players find themselves moving into a new house, but their neighbor is a bit paranoid. You’ll start to notice how mysterious he really is, and realize that there’s something hidden in his basement which needs to be uncovered. Using stealth and survival-horror mechanics, gamers must traverse through a series of puzzles to reveal what’s really going on. Find out the truth about your neighbor on July 27.

July 2018 Indie Spotlight

Already shaping up to be a great month of releases for the system, these indies are the cherry on top. More fantastic games are set to come next month, as well. Make sure to stay tuned to VGCultureHQ for our next indie spotlight!