Explosives mixed with poultry; what could possibly go wrong? Nitrome’s latest game, Bomb Chickenproves that not much can. It’s a puzzle-platformer that puts players through 29 levels filled with hidden secrets, enemies, and perils. Gamers looking for a fun indie gem to play should look no further.

Bomb Chicken Review

Levels start out short and simple, but as time goes on, the difficulty begins to ramp up. Each level is structured with a few sequences, ending with a chance to gain an additional health bar. The later levels and boss sections can be a challenge, yet each death feels meaningful. There are very few cheap deaths, and instead, there are more learning opportunities. Memorizing the layout is key and helps to make each success feel well-earned.

Death is not as brutal or punishing as I thought it would be. A game over will just pin players back to the start of each level. This may sound annoying, but since these aren’t long areas, it forces the player to understand what went wrong and how to perfect it. An aspect of the game that was very appreciated.

Puzzles that are featured can add a level of depth to the start-to-finish formula. Players sometimes have to gather key cards or activate switches in order to traverse towards the finish line. This gives added difficulty and can require strategic planning. It’s a great way to help make gameplay vary from section to section.

This release doesn’t take too long to complete, but I do wish there was another game mode or more collectibles to be found. A versus mode between two player-controlled chickens or a time attack mode would be a welcome addition. It is a short game, but depending on how players adapt to the difficulty will vary on the total time spent finishing it. This is no doubt it’s worth the price of entry.

Bomb Chicken Review

The graphics look great on the system, but one thing that could make it feel more retro is a memorable soundtrack. The sound design helps to create a fun and quirky atmosphere, but its music doesn’t back it up. It comes off as something in the background that could be muted. A fun game like this could really benefit from this aspect. However, this is just a minor issue with the release.

Gameplay is incredibly smooth and had zero glitches or bugs that prevented me from completing sequences. Running through each checkpoint can often require skill and precision. Controlling the chicken mid-air with its jumps and traversing via bombs felt tight.

Utilizing the Nintendo Switch is not something that every developer does. Yet, Nitrome does a great job in this respect. The HD Rumble feature gets put to good use and players will be sure to notice. Bomb Chicken also plays incredibly well in handheld mode. This is how I spent almost all of my time experiencing it. It’s a perfect pick-up-and-play title that fits perfectly on the console.

Bomb Chicken Review

Nitrome has delivered a game that features bombs and chickens, yet gave it some unique twists, such as the bomb-laying mechanic. Responsive controls and intelligent level design help this game to excel. Bomb Chicken is a very fun and a light-hearted puzzle-platformer that finds a perfect home on the Nintendo Switch.

This title is available to download on the Nintendo eShop and Steam for $14.99.

Bomb Chicken Review (Nintendo Switch)
Bomb Chicken is a great game that is definitely worth your time. It packs a punch and is a delight to play.
Overall Score8.5
  • Fun Platforming
  • Fair Difficulty
  • Tight Controls
  • Short Length
  • Bland Soundtrack
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