Xbox head, Phil Spencer, has taken to Twitter to unveil some news about their upcoming E3 press conference. Microsoft is set to show off 15 world premieres during their presentation.

It is currently unknown what these games will be. However, there have been some leaks and hints dropped about what these could be. We previously announced that Forza Horizon 4 is in development, so a full unveiling seems possible. There have also been rumors about the three upcoming Gears of War games. One is planned to be Gears of War 5, another being battle royale, and the final is to be a strategy game similar to Halo Wars

Xbox World Premieres

Fans have also been speculating about the next Halo installment. Halo 5: Guardians was released October 2015, so three years is plenty of time for a new game. Murmurs regarding a new Fable game developed by Playground Games has also taken shape. Not much else is known about any other reveals.

The phrase “World Premiere” can also mean third-party games, as well. Last year’s conference heralded this phrase for games such as Metro Exodus, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Dragon Ball FighterZIt is all fair game to what these titles may or may not be.

Xbox’s E3 Conference will take place tomorrow, Sunday, June 9 at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST. The presentation can be viewed on all major streaming platforms, including social media.

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