Steins;Gate is one of the greatest anime series’ of all time. Now, Spike Chunsoft is releasing the Steins;Gate Elite visual novel in the West both digitally and physically. Each console is coming with their own exclusive content.

  • Steins;Gate Elite for the PlayStation 4 is coming with a remaster of Steins;Gate Phenogram, which is a collection of 10 additional stories with high-profile authors such as Kotaro Uchikoshi from the renowned Zero Escape series.
  • Steins;Gate Elite for the Nintendo Switch will be releasing with an 8-bit version of Steins;Gate which is developed by the series creator Chiyomaru Shikura.

Steins;Gate Elite Coming to the West on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

As a huge fan of Steins;Gate, this is very exciting. Steins;Gate Elite will contain scenes from all 24 episodes of the original anime series, creating a much more immersive experience. The game also has brand new animations for its many branching endings. Considering how good the anime series is, there’s no doubt that the game will live up to expectations. Judging by the official trailer, the game appears to be a massive improvement over the original and much more emotional.

It is ironic that it’s not being released on the Xbox One, considering that in Japan the game was initially released on the 360.

Steins;Gate Elite is slated to be released on both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch sometime this year, hopefully sooner than later, as the Steins;Gate Zero anime series is airing in April.

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