The Skywalker Saga Novel, which released on October 1, has seemingly confirmed Rey’s lineage before The Rise of Skywalker has even released. The book, written by Delilah Dawson, tells the story of Star Wars exclusively through the lens of the Skywalker family. In its description, it states that the novel tells Star Wars through Anakin, Luke, Leia, and Rey’s points of view.

This beautifully illustrated treasury celebrates the stories that make up the greatest saga of all time. New York Times Best-Selling Author, Delilah Dawson, retells Episodes I-VIII through Anakin, Luke, Leia, and Rey’s points of view. Exquisitely bound, with artwork by Brian Rood, this special collection is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans young and old.

Now, this isn’t 100% proof that Rey is a Skywalker or Skywalker-Solo, but why tell the story of the Skywalkers through Rey’s point of view? It makes no sense unless she is Rey Skywalker, or Rey Skywalker-Solo. Now, there are two possibilities according to the leaks, whether you believe my own or Jedi Praxis’. Rey was either created by Palpatine through the Force, thereby by proxy making her Anakin’s sister, as she would be a child of the Force, or, she’s the daughter of Leia Skywalker-Organa and Han Solo.

Either would still make Rey a Skywalker and maintain the Skywalker Saga as a family soap opera, as George Lucas has explained it is. As Anakin was born from Palpatine’s manipulation of the Force, this would also explain why Rey is so powerful. Rey carrying the Skywalker bloodline the only logical conclusion and George Lucas had a much larger role in TROS than people realize. Either is a satisfying answer and will tie up all loose ends in the Saga, as JJ promises he will do.

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