Warning: This contains the basic plot of The Rise of Skywalker. Be warned, these are major spoilers. Do not share with anyone who does not wish to be spoiled. Do not share details openly on social media. Do not ruin the experience for anyone who does not wish to be spoiled. With that being said, let’s get plugged-in.

The Rise of Skywalker Trailer is Horrible

With Jason Ward’s recent slew of spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker, it’s time to take the gloves off and expand on the plot of the film. These are both corroborated by Ward, corroborated by our previous rumors provided by ki adi moonshine, and corroborated by other sources given to us over the last several months. Please note, these are just pieces of a puzzle and we do not know how they all fit together as a whole. Some details may be off. George Lucas was involved in writing the scenario for The Rise of Skywalker, and his influence is felt throughout. This is where JJ Abrams thrives.

  • The heroes in the film are on a quest to find an ancient Sith Dagger, which is actually The Dagger of Mortis. What it is called this in the film is unknown. The Dagger is the key to freeing an ancient evil and has an inscription that pre-dates any language known in the Galaxy. This evil is The Son, played by  Matt Smith. It is unknown whether he is called The Son. This was Lucas’ original plan in his treatment for the Sequel Trilogy and are direct references to The Clone Wars. It will be made accessible to the general audience.

Obi-Wan with the Dagger of Mortis

  • C-3P0 attempts to read an inscription on the Dagger but cannot read it due to his programming. A major aspect of the early part of the film is attempting to decipher the text. 3P0’s eyes turn red and it takes them to the Second Death Star on Endor and a device of The Emperor’s. This device, with the dagger as its key, opens a portal to what is The World Between Worlds from Star Wars Rebels, where The Son is trapped, waiting to be released. We have been told that Snoke was actually a projection of The Son, but this has not been corroborated so we do not know if this is true. The World Between Worlds will be made accessible to the general audience and may be called something else.
  • The Jedi texts are what directed Rey to the ancient evil, The Son. The Jedi had vague records on Mordis and The Father, The Son, and The Daughter in the Jedi Temple independent of the first Jedi texts from Ahch-to.
  • Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter and Ben/Kylo’s sister.

  • Rey is given Han’s audio diary. Harrison Ford recorded dialogue.
  • Kylo and Rey independently find their way to the Death Star. Kylo shows Rey his vision of her parents. The true twist though is that her “parents” aren’t truly her parents. She was given away in order to protect her, and her adoptive parents were murdered by the Dagger.
  • During their “Force Bond”, Rey has a vision of herself as a Sith. Rey and Kylo fight on the ruins of the Death Star. This could be where the Flash Fight begins, the twist being Rey and Kylo are actually traveling through both space and time. Nothing is changed, they do not interact with past events, but events from the prequels and the original trilogy are seen in the background.

An ancient evil in the form of Rey

  • The Son is freed with the Dagger of Mortis, the one thing that can destroy him. He’s been pulling all the strings and everything has led to this moment. The First Order, Snoke, Ben’s fall, Luke’s exile…everything.
  • He takes on the form of Palpatine and Rey, among others. Dark Rey is not actually Rey, but The Son. Rey’s vision of her Sith self was in fact a vision of The Son in the future taking on her form.
  • Rey, Kylo, and even the force ghosts join to defeat The Son.
  • The final shot of the film, the Skywalker Saga, is of the Binary Suns of Tatooine.

The Saga Ends Where it Began

The Rise of Skywalker releases in theaters December 20, 2019! With it being the end of the Skywalker Saga, we cannot wait to see how it all comes together. Please note, once again, that some of these details may be off. It has been corroborated by other sources but we cannot guarantee their 100% accuracy.

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