Pokemon for Nintendo Switch was first announced at E3 last year. Fans were ecstatic, and it’s sure to catapult Nintendo’s hit console into an even bigger success than it already is. There have been rumblings that the game may come out late this year, and now according to sources, a Pokemon Direct for Nintendo Switch could surprise us tomorrow, March 28. If the game does come out this year, and there is a Direct tomorrow, the Internet may well explode.

Matt Hunt is claiming sources are telling him that we will be getting the Pokemon Direct tomorrow on Twitter. The post is also tagged with #GrainOfSalt, so, take it for what you will.

This wouldn’t be out of the question though. Nintendo announced the Nintendo Mini Direct very close to the event itself. In fact, they announced it the morning of the Direct. Given how massively popular the Pokemon franchise is, catching fans off guard may be the best strategy. If this Pokemon Direct is indeed happening, this could point to a 2018 release window. If the Switch has Pokemon and Smash for the holidays it will be last year all over again. People will forget about the overpriced ports being released on the system (though admittedly, they are worth owning).

If we get the Pokemon Direct tomorrow and a release date is given for this year, it may well be that the Nintendo Switch will be harder to find than ever this upcoming holiday season.

Keep in mind though this is a RUMOR, and at that, you shouldn’t believe a word of it until we see proof.

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