Sony has revealed during their quarter three briefing that their PlayStation 4 sales are down, but their software sales have skyrocketed. In Sony’s earnings report, they revealed that their games division had an uptick in revenue of 16.2%. This is a dramatic increase in last year, as it led to an overall 50% increase in profits in 2017.

The most impressive thing this year from Sony is that their software sales increased by 71% — yes, I am not joking — 71%. That is an absolutely absurd number, but it makes sense. Sony had some amazing first-party software come out this year such as Horizon Zero DawnGravity Rush 2Nioh, and more. While software sales climbed new heights, hardware sales dropped slightly from 9.7 million units to 9 million. This isn’t to be expected though; the PlayStation 4 has been out for four years and is dominating the home console market (although yes, the Nintendo Switch’s sales are surging, but that system was released less than a year ago).

Overall, things are looking good for Sony and the PlayStation 4. Their software sales may surge even more this year considering they have a lot more exclusives and first-party games coming out. As we have previously stated, this is the year of the PlayStation 4, and they won’t disappoint, although the Nintendo Switch has also set themselves up to have an incredible year.

We’ll just have to enjoy the ride.

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