DontNod Entertainment’s upcoming title, Life is Strange 2has just received a teaser trailer. Coming in at almost a minute long, fans were treated to a quick scene depicting a police car being toppled over by an off-screen force. This was then followed by the phrase, “All Will Be Revealed August 20th, 2018.”

Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game chronicling the life of Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old photography student. After recently discovering her power to rewind time, Max foresees an impending storm and must prevent it from destroying her hometown of Arcadia Bay. The game released in 2015 to rave reviews and garnering multiple Game of the Year Award nominations.

Life is Strange 2 Teaser Trailer

A prequel set three years before the start of the original game was delivered to fans in 2017. Life is Strange: Before the Storm had players take control of a 16-year-old Chloe Price, Max Caulfield’s best friend. It was also an episodic title that featured the ability to backtalk, which made it possible to overcome certain conversational challenges.

Life is Strange 2 Teaser Trailer

The series’ sequel, Life is Strange 2, is set to release on September 27, 2018. A free prelude to the game titled The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is also currently available to download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Choices made in this title will carry over into the sequel and will also feature some of the same characters.

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