The Xbox One X is the most powerful console to ever hit the gaming market. Its specs are unrivaled. But looking at it as a purchase, is it worth it? There are no exclusive games for it (nor are there any planned), and while some games are now somewhat optimized for the system, they were still built with the original Xbox One in mind. Many users report it generating a lot of heat. On the other hand, the Xbox One S sells at a very reasonable price, has some wonderful bundles, and is as quiet as a mouse. At this point in time, the Xbox One S is a better buy than the Xbox One X.

Xbox One X

Xbox One S is a Better Buy Than the Xbox One X

No one is debating whether or not the Xbox One X is an incredible achievement; it is. Is it worth $500? That depends on who you ask. Tech enthusiasts will insist that it is. The fact is for the average consumer it isn’t. There are no exclusive games that are made ground-up for the Xbox One X, which is a huge mistake on Microsoft’s part. There is no game that fully utilizes its power. Yes, there are games that have come out and that have been out that now look a little bit prettier because they’ve gained Xbox One X support, but that by no means reaches the system’s full potential.

Xbox One S is a Better Buy Than the Xbox One X

Microsoft is making a huge mistake by not making select games exclusive games for the X. This would have to be a gradual process, as they don’t want to alienate owners of the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S, which released only a year or so before the X. When it comes down to it though, Microsoft needs to make a stand and their biggest mistake was not making the Xbox One X their next-generation console and cutting it off from the Xbox One family of systems. Once the price point lowers it will sell better, but, so many people have upgraded to the Xbox One S already and it will be too late. Gamers won’t want to upgrade yet again.

The Xbox One X simply isn’t worth a purchase right now.

Xbox One S

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I recently upgraded my original Xbox One to an Xbox One S, for a few reasons. My Xbox One was getting way too hot and was incredibly loud. I had a 500 GB version (which was nothing), while I could get a bundle with 1 TB of space for $299. That’s $200 less than the Xbox One X. While the S can’t do true 4K, it can do HDR and upscales from 1080p. It’s not quite 4K, but it still looks better than standard 1080p. Quite honestly, the One S looks a lot sleeker than the Xbox One X. It’s sleek, it’s white like the Xbox 360, and it’s easier to fit among your other consoles (the X is a bit wider from what I’ve seen); people may overlook these things, but they all matter. It also doesn’t generate as much heat as both the original Xbox One or the Xbox One X, which is a massive advantage.

Xbox One S is a Better Buy Than the Xbox One X

There are also some incredible bundles for the 1 TB Xbox One S, such as the PUBGAssassin’s Creed OriginsShadow of WarForza Horizon 3 and now the brand new Sea of Thieves bundle, which is a really fun game, among a few others. Not only does the Xbox One S have a wonderful lineup of bundles, but these 1 TB bundles go for $299 and you can regularly find them on sale. This is an incredible price. As someone who’s just upgraded from 500 gigs to 1 TB, it makes all the difference in the world. Those saved $200 from not buying an Xbox One X gives me more money to invest in games.

The Xbox One S is a Better Buy Than the Xbox One X

Xbox One S is a Better Buy Than the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is a great piece of hardware, but as a consumer product, it doesn’t offer that much to your average buyer. The Xbox One S is the superior buy. In a sense, from a design aspect, it’s a superior product, although yes, the Xbox One X is far more powerful and has almost unlimited potential. Microsoft seems intent on limiting that potential though, which makes no sense. I love my Xbox, I wish I could afford an X, but to be frank, the Xbox One S is the better deal. And it will continue to be until Microsoft figures out what they’re doing long-term with the Xbox One X. It seems right now that they’re clueless, which is worrisome.

Hopefully, at E3 we get a better idea of their strategy, or else the Xbox One X may end up being a waste, which would be a shame considering all of the potential it holds.

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