Captain Spirit tasks itself with setting the stage for the upcoming release of Life is Strange 2It’s no easy task but does a fantastic job. This game tackles childhood innocence along with major themes of parental death and alcoholism. It’s a brutally honest look at life after the loss of a loved one, especially for a child. Fans of the series should not skip this while newcomers have a perfect stepping stone into the franchise.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Review


Dontnod’s newest game follows Chris, as he, along with his imagination, creates the superhero alter ego of Captain Spirit. Set three years after the events of Life is StrangeChris, along with his father, is still struggling to come to terms with his mother’s death. As the game progresses, players help to establish the backstory for these characters and what defines the newest hero persona that has been created. It is fairly straightforward, but something truly extraordinary happens later on. The game is just shy of a two-hour experience, but it is packed with emotion and story highs that will no doubt lead into the upcoming Life is Strange 2. 


Gameplay is similar to what was found in Life is Strange and its prequel Before the StormYou take control of Chris as he gets through a list of things he wishes to complete on this Saturday. From assembling his superhero costume, cleaning up the house, and even playing a mobile game, there is much to be done and explored. One unnecessarily difficult quest tasks the player with searching for your father’s phone password. It isn’t as easy to uncover because it is one that the player wouldn’t think of. I personally recommend just looking up the password to avoid a headache.

With being a free prelude to Life is Strange 2, it is on the short side and there are not many incredibly hard choices to make. Dialogue options are the biggest choices in helping to create the player’s own Captain Spirit and Chris. Near the end of the game, there is a set of dialogue that is impactful, but it’s nowhere near to others that the series has seen. This is okay because there is no doubt that this will be picked up in the next installment of the series.


There is not much else offered beside the main story. Assembling the costume is the main plot point and the others serve as sort of side quests. They should all be completed to get a full understanding of the characters and situation at hand. If there were any tasks that weren’t completed, an option appears at the end of the game’s completion to go back and finish them. Each item and speaking option that can be interacted with should be. They are crucial not only to the characters but especially to its place in the Life is Strange universe. There are subtle nods to the original, that fans will no undoubtedly enjoy.

Captain Spirit Review

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a meaningful addition to Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange universe. Although be it on the short side, it will give players a sense of understanding of where the sequel will be heading. It is an enjoyable game that fans of the original will come to love. The best part of it all? It’s currently free to download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Review
Captain Spirit does a great job of setting up Life is Strange 2 while also staying true to itself. It's a great story that shouldn't be skipped.
Overall Score8.5
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  • Youthful Innocence
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