Koei Tecmo has released a brand new trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition which is due out for release on May 18 in the United States. Although it wasn’t one of the best Wii U games, it was definitely one of the most enjoyable. The trailer focuses primarily on the villains in the game. It starts out by showing Fi and her majestic, dancing-like moves. This quickly moves to Girahim, who appeared in Skyward Sword and is one of the most memorable villains in the series to date.

After that, the trailer quickly shifts gears with a new musical rendition of the Dark World theme from A Link Between Worlds and A Link to the Past. Two characters from A Link Between Worlds are showcased here: Ravio, with his bunny suit, and Yuga, the primary antagonist of the 3DS classic. The final character to take the spotlight is none other than Ganondorf himself. Playing as him was so much fun in the initial game and is the only opportunity we’ve had to actually play as one of the most storied villains in gaming history.

The trailer ends with an ominous shot of Ganon in his beast form, about to fight Link in their final confrontation of the game.

One thing that’s also interesting to note is that the game looks a lot crisper than the Wii U versions, so there have probably been some technical advances in the Nintendo Switch port, which is fantastic.

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