Here we are, E3 month. So many new games are about to be announced and shown off from all types of genres. Every gamer can look forward to seeing at least one thing that will interest them, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything ready to play. This month’s Nindie Spotlight looks at a few great games releasing on the Nintendo Switch that can be played sooner rather than later. It’s a lineup that features plenty of heavy-hitting indies as well as some smaller titles, but one thing is for sure, it’s another great month to explore the Nintendo eShop.

Cadence of Hyrule

First up is a title that features beloved Nintendo characters and rhythm-based gameplay. Cadence of Hyrule is a spin-off from the popular, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and showcases the first time Nintendo has licensed out its IP to indie developers. Get ready to fight your way through familiar foes from The Legend of Zelda series through the use of the characters’ abilities. Combat is centered around rhythm and beats, so definitely play this one with the volume up. 25 classic tracks from the hit Nintendo franchise have been remixed and are sure to provide a new twist on a classic series. Brace Yourself Games’ upcoming title does not have a firm release date yet, however it is set for this month and is rumored to appear at the company’s E3 Direct.

Slender: The Arrival

The popular Creepypasta legend has found its way onto the Nintendo Switch system. Slender Man originally found his notoriety in video games through The Eight Pages, which tasked players with wandering around a certain area in search of eight pages. These pages would eventually force Slender Man to stalk the player even better with every one picked up. Players were freaked out and terrified of the blank-faced enemy once he did appear, but now it’s been adapted into a full-fledged experience. With a storyline and varying levels, there is more than just the previous survival horror experience. Look for Blue Isle Studios’ Slender: The Arrival on June 20 for $9.99.

War Tech Fighters

If someone were to combine Japanese anime and Hollywood blockbusters, then War Tech Fighters would be the result. Developed by Drakkar Dev and published by Blowfish Studios, this space action game features mechs and high-flying action. In addition to this, there’s an immersive story that has players pilot an elite squadron as it fights as resistance against Zatros. Long and close-range combat can both be found, as well as full customization of your mech. Capping it all off is its physically based rendering to make graphics appear as smooth as possible. War Tech Fighters releases on June 27 for $19.99.

Muse Dash

The next entry on this list happens to be another rhythm game, except one that is much different than the last. Muse Dash is infused with anime sounds and styles that users can become familiar with. This action side-scroller features a simple 2-button control scheme while also having many of the same mechanics found in rhythm games. There are three different difficulty settings to master, in addition to a plethora of trophies to earn and high scores to take over. Exclusively on the Switch come free DLC updates and a limited-time Marija skin. Play through 80 tracks while also unlocking different costumes for the three characters. Become a true master of PeroPeroGames’ upcoming game on June 20.


A vibrant and critically-acclaimed puzzle-adventure game has found its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Hue has players explore an unknown area while utilizing the color schemes of different objects to get past obstacles all while creating new ones. It also features a rich story that deals with love, loss, remorse, and even existence. A full colorblind assist mode can also be found, as well as a fully customizable control scheme which is exclusive to this version of the game. Not only this but the title features 30 original tracks and voice work from Anna Acton and Matthew Wade, who are some of the UK’s best television talents. Fiddlesticks’ colorful adventure is available now for $9.99.

My Friend Pedro

Last on our list is one that was first featured in a Nindies Direct. Hearing the game’s premise sounds a bit insane at first. Taking orders from a sentient banana? Who would’ve thought? Well, of course, it could only be brought to the forefront by Devolver Digital. Run through levels in stunning fashion as you utilize the environment to take down anything that stands in your way. Split aiming, slow motion, and high-quality physics help this game look like one of the best indies to release this year. Tackling various levels through different breaches and gun sequences are sure to be the main selling point. Not to mention, there are also motorcycle chases to look forward too! Twist, turn, and fight your way through Deadtoast’s upcoming game on June 20 for $19.99. Pre-download now and get it for $16.99 before launch.

Not only can gamers look forward to E3, this month, but there are also some great games to be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. Expect some high-quality gameplay and great experiences from this month’s selection of games. To top it all off, June features more than one title that may just end up being among some of the best indie games of the year.

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