Just a short time ago Nintendo surprised Zelda fans with the announcement of Cadence of Hyrule during a Nindie Showcase, and thanks to a new trailer we now have a better idea of when the game is set to release. This new Japanese trailer which you can see below, tells us that the game is set to release in June 2019, however, we still don’t have an official specific date.

This new trailer gives players a small glimpse of what’s to come, and hopefully, we’ll have an official release date in 2 weeks at E3. This trailer appeared the same week during a huge rumor that Cadence of Hyrule was originally set to release on May 30th. It’s possible that due to the leak Nintendo decided to hold off on the release for E3, doing one of their common “This game is available right now!” tactics that they sometimes will do during Nintendo Directs. Regardless, the game looks incredibly fun and will be a major experiment for Nintendo as this is the first time they’ve allowed Zelda, let alone many of their IP’s, into the hands of an indie developer.

Are you looking forward to Cadence of Hyrule and E3 in general? Only a few more weeks to wait for both!

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