One of the biggest online survival horror games has found its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is a chilling title that pits users on either a team of four looking for survival or as a lone wolf out for blood. The premise at first may not seem frightening but once you’re thrown into this world, it’s hard to keep your cool. There’s plenty to accomplish and goals that can be set, yet this can all be pushed aside for a gaming session filled with horrors. It’s multiplayer only but it is still possible to enjoy it in a single-player setting. This port of the game does have a few performance issues but still provides users with a scary good time.

Eery Gameplay

Dead by Daylight’s gameplay is simple and easy to pick up for newcomers. Players can choose to be a survivor or killer, each of which has their own agendas. Survivors are tasked with trying to turn on a series of generators to power a gate to escape, while the killer must stop the survivors dead in their tracks. It’s a deadly game of a hunter stalking and murdering its prey, except with humans rather than animals. The team of four has little to no help when it comes to stopping the killer, as no weapons are available and they can only hide or block their path. Users have to utilize stealth to get around the map and find the best routes for success. It may seem as if the scales are tipped in the killer’s favor but be assured that it’s far from easy. Players can communicate with one another to find strategies that outsmart the lone user while also healing and hiding. The concept alone grows to be incredibly addicting due to its terrifying yet fun experience and ability to switch roles.

As I stated before, it’s very well-suited for newcomers. Many multiplayer titles are tough for anyone to grow accustomed to if they haven’t been around since its start. This release is far from the case. There are ways to level up your characters to have better stats and perks but the gameplay stays the same. A quick tutorial is available for both the survivor and killer portions of the experience and touch on everything that can pop up. The rules of this are straightforward yet how it’s executed falls on the player. After a few matches, you’ll start to develop strategies and tactics on how to succeed which makes the game even more enjoyable. Trying to power up a generator while you see the killer in the corner of your screen heading towards you can incite fear and a rush as you try to figure out your next move.

Character Variability

Again, this is an online title but there aren’t pay-to-win mechanics. There are purchasable cosmetics available to own though. It’s very similar to other big title’s shops in that everything is cosmetic. Each of the characters that can be chosen, whether that be a survivor or killer, can all have different costumes and styles. The prices can vary but they can quickly add up if this is what interests you. However, the main draw from the item shop is the stellar collaborations that can be purchased. Major franchises such as Halloween, Scream, Saw, and Stranger Things have enticing characters. Running around as Laurie Strode while being chased by a Demogorgon or Ghost Face makes this title far greater, but they do cost extra.

For the content that comes packed into the game, players are granted access to nine varying killers, ten survivors, and three cosmetic packs. A console exclusive skin for The Trapper is also available for free. Each character comes with their own unique abilities which can come in handy. For example, some killers may turn invisible or drop poison while some survivors may repair generators faster or can heal quicker. All of them can be leveled up with a skill tree and are able to unlock perks and items to be used during matches. These are fantastic additions to help make this feel more custom and add to the sense of immersion. Characters can truly become your own so it makes matches feel a fairer and also a bit more personal.

Online Aspects

What many users are sure to want to know is “How well does this title run on the Nintendo Switch?” The answer is fairly well. Although the graphics aren’t as top-notch as consoles and PC, the gameplay is smooth for the most part. I spent most of my time playing in docked mode with a pro-controller and the game ran nicely. There are the occasional slowdowns and lags but it was never enough to fully throw off a game or noticeably affect my matches. They were fairly annoying though. On that note, I did also play in handheld and with joy-cons which was much of the same. The joy-cons still performed on a high level and the controls were tight. Handheld runs nearly identical to that of the docked mode so either way, you’ll have smooth performances. Navigating the menus does take its toll on the player after time, though. Since the game uses a PC-like cursor to get through screens, it makes it a bit tough to smoothly transition in and out of them.

Playing with friends is another high point that this game has to offer. Users can invite up to three friends for online play or they can invite four for a custom match. With friends, it could be a bit spotty at times to fully connect into a match and it could also take longer than normal. While on the subject of queue times, games often required a 5-10 minute wait between matches. This is the most frustrating aspect here, as it’s harder to get in and out of games smoothly. Having people you know play with you is definitely the best way to play this game. Communication between survivors is key but also listening to your friends to lose their minds when they get chased around by the killer is highly memorable. Even just handing the controller to others watching makes this great for gatherings.

Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is a fantastic title to play online with friends or with others in a room. It’s also fun to just sit back solo and get through a match or two. The game does suffer a bit from performance issues but it isn’t enough to take away from the overall experience. Gameplay is easy to pick up for newcomers yet it does take longer to master all of the mechanics. Being able to play as characters from a range of popular franchises helps this title become a bit more special but even without it, it’s still an enjoyable time. Its graphics are hindered quite a bit compared to other versions but it isn’t enough to fully throw the game to the side. This is still a good way to experience this game and can provide loads of entertainment.


Thank you to Behaviour Interactive for providing us with a review code!

Dead by Daylight Review (Nintendo Switch)
Dead by Daylight provides loads of fun and horrors for those playing solo or with friends, however performance issues do hold the game back from truly being a fantastic port.
Overall Score7.5
  • Fun and Eery Gameplay
  • Character Variability
  • Great with Friends
  • Long Load Times
  • Occasional Slowdowns
  • Navigating Menus
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