There have been four consoles to come out this generation (if you count the Wii U), and none of them have had the spark and shine like the Nintendo Switch. While the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 focus on graphical prowess and the like, the Nintendo Switch focuses on fun. The marketing is one of a kind. Nintendo has released at least one first-party exclusive (almost) since the console came out. The games are not only high-quality, but they’re also a lot of fun. They are polished. Third-parties have also joined in on the fun; Bethesda, Square Enix, Warner Bros., and more have all joined in on the fun. Independent developers have also released a plethora of high-quality indie games for the system, which Nintendo has dubbed “Nindies.” The Switch has some of the greatest exclusives of all-time, which is just one of the reasons why the Nintendo Switch is the best console.

Nintendo Switch is the best console

One of the greatest games of all-time..

The Switch has games for everyone. It has more hardcore experiences, like Breath of the WildXenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Fire Emblem, as well as more casual experiences, such as Super Mario PartyMario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Pokemon Let’s Go!. There’s such a variety and they all have one thing in common: fun. Nintendo games are fun. This doesn’t even take into account the dozens of other games in the Switch’s library, like Super Mario Odyssey, which is a masterpiece. Not only does the Nintendo Switch have the best library of games after only being out for roughly two-and-a-half years, but it also has features that no other system has. The portability factor is huge. No other system offers this level of innovation. While I personally don’t like to play my Switch in handheld mode (plus mine was stolen at E3 and recently replaced), this is a feature that cannot be overlooked. Almost every game has been optimized for handheld play, which has decimated the competition when it comes to portable systems, again.

Ranking the Xenoblade Chronicles Games

The Greatest RPG of all-time

Nintendo hasn’t had this kind of magic behind one of their consoles since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Nintendo Switch isn’t just the best console of this generation; it’s the best console of all-time. With its plethora of games, and many more on the way, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the Link’s Awakening remake coming this week, Nintendo has even more on the way and is poised to win this holiday season. Not only to mention that, but next year is looking stellar as well, with the Xenoblade Chronicles remake coming and Animal Cross: New Horizons coming this March.

Links Awakening is Nintendos Surprise Game

Nintendo’s Surprise Game of the Year

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are excellent consoles. The Nintendo Switch is simply better. It’s not only the best console of this generation, but one of the greatest video game consoles of all time. Not only that, but it has the best exclusives of this generation, and that is just one factor that catapults it above the rest of the competition. And the system has only been out for two-and-a-half years. Which is a scary prospect to say the least. The best is yet to come, and Nintendo, if they stick to their current track and strategy, will continue to make video game history.

A few years ago many thought Nintendo would never reach the heights of the past. They’ve surpassed their previous successes, and then some. They learned from the failures of the Wii U, the somewhat lackluster third-party support on the Wii, and have crafted the greatest console of this generation, which is no small feat. And the best is yet to come.

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