Grab your friends and snag some of these fantastic games for hours of fun.

Maybe you’re tired of only playing party games like Smash Bros or Mario Party when your friends get together? Well here’s a few addicting alternatives on the Nintendo Switch at a great value. Not only would you be introducing new games to the group, but you are guaranteed to have tons of fun in the process.

Killer Queen Black

Currently $19.99

Starting this list off is an indie gem that launched on the eShop late last year. Liquid Bit’s Killer Queen Black takes on the arcade genre while fusing together multiplayer elements. Users are able to be one of a few roles which all serve a purpose to achieving victory. It consists of 4v4 matchups that pits players against each other all while trying to complete one of three objectives to win. A recent update has allowed users to have all eight slots filled up in local multiplayer rather than needing two systems. The game is highly addicting and the developers have stated that they are supporting the game long after launch. With so much variation in each match and more unlocks on the way, this is a perfect title to play with friends especially for its price tag.

Astro Bears Party

Currently $6.99

By far the cheapest title on this list is Astro Bears Party. Now, there’s plenty of local multiplayer games for less than $10 and some fewer than $5, yet this is the best of these. It’s a game that lets four users select a bear with a range of stats and go against one another in a Tron-like matchup. As you run around the map, a line is made behind you that marks instant death immediately as it’s touched. This is a very simple to understand and easy to master experience that is sure to lighten up any gathering.Its only problem is that it can grow a bit stale in long sessions but if you’re looking for a quick couple matches then this is a no-brainer.

Overcooked 2

Currently $24.99

Although Overcooked 2 is on the pricier side of this list, it is worth every single penny spent on it. The sheer amount of content included is unmatched compared to others on this list. Free content updates bring different recipes and kitchens for users to run around in while serving up chaos. Additional paid content adds even more chefs, recipes, kitchens, and more if you’re looking to pile on a much more enjoyable experience. But, what is this game anyways? Four players come together and have to run their own kitchen and earn a certain amount of money in a limited time frame. Orders come in quick and each ingredient needs to be added at their own respective stations, so everyone has to contribute. On top of all that, you’ll have to chop up veggies, wash dishes, cook meat to perfection, and then put it all on a plate. Matches can be played locally and online, while a full campaign can be played through alongside numerous modes. It’s a title that makes its price point feel worthwhile.

Party Games Switch

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Currently $14.99

Just hearing the name of this game makes you curious about what it could even be about. Well, Ultimate Chicken Horse is easily one of the most memorable indies I’ve played recently. Four friends choose the animal they want to take control of and vote on the map they want to start off on. The goal is simple: touch the flag at the end of the level to win. However, things get complicated every round as users can choose which blocks to add to mess things up. The trick is to design the level to be hard enough so your friends can’t win but you can. So, you can add killer crossbows, sticky blocks, and traps to make it nearly impossible to win unless you have a strategy. If everyone is able to pass the level, then it’s too easy and nobody wins so you have to make it tough. It’s a game that will make you lose track of time and have you cry of laughter. There’s even levels that you can make and share online with others, alongside an online multiplayer option.

Party Games Switch

Jackbox Party Pack 3

Currently $24.99

The final game on this list is an absolute highlight for any gathering. The Jackbox Party Pack series has been a staple among my friend group as well as anyone who has come over for a gathering. Each pack features a variety of mini games that allows for up to eight players to join in on. No extra controllers are needed for these either, since they can all be played through a web browser on one’s phone or laptop. I primarily want to focus on Jackbox Party Pack 3 as this is one of the best entries and doesn’t run for $30. This version includes a fantastic trivia game for anyone looking for something in that vein but the crux of it all is in the other modes. Quiplash 2, Fakin’ It, and Tee K.O. are absolute highlights that are sure to have groups coming back for more. Quiplash 2 has players make up their own responses to fill in the blank questions similar to Mad Libs, while Fakin’ It has somebody trying to lie their way out of various situations. Tee K.O has users come up with their own slogans, drawings, and combos to come up with the best T-shirt design which could even be purchased for real-life usage if you wanted. This is an absolute must play for any situation and can be tailored towards anyone willing to participate.

If you are interested in others in spending a bit more, Jackbox Party Pack 5 is another great selection. These titles go on sale often as well and all offer unique modes so make sure you keep an eye out for others that stand out.

Party Games Switch

These are some of the best party games that can be played on the Nintendo Switch not featuring Nintendo properties. What makes it even better is that every title on this list is developed by an indie studio that has put loads of love and care into them. They’re all highly recommended and guaranteed to make any gathering one filled with laughter.