Liquid Bit’s Killer Queen Black has just added an eight-player local multiplayer in a new update. In a recent press release, the company stated that the free update allows players to connect up to eight controllers on PC or console in order to play full matches offline. No internet connection or online membership is necessary to do so. In addition to this, local and custom matches are now able to be filled by bots when there aren’t enough players. The full statement can be seen below:

You asked. We listened.

Eight player local play is now available with patch 1.60 (Hydra). Connect up to eight controllers to your PC or console and play full matches offline. No Internet connection or Nintendo Switch Online account required.

Why the change of heart?

Over the past few months we’ve noticed that growth in Killer Queen Black has drawn more players to Killer Queen Arcade, and the growth of the arcade has drawn more players to the console – a rising tide raises all ships!

Hydra release notes:

  • Eight player local support for PC and console
  • Region selection now available on Switch
  • Custom (online) and local matches can now be started by a single player
  • Fill with bots added for local and custom matches
  • Players can now shuffle teams automatically in local and custom matches
  • Streamer mode: Choose which names to display in-game and in menus
  • Map pools now skew towards more variety and fewer repeats
  • Many bug fixes and UI improvements


We’d also like to introduce the commercial version of Killer Queen Black available for Steam Cafe users. If you would like to set up Killer Queen Black in your cyber cafe or arcade with a for-profit scenario, please check out that version on Steam.

As always, a huge thank you goes out to the Killer Queen Black community for all your support, feedback, and patience. We’re just getting started! Check out the roadmap below for what we have in store over the next several months.”

Killer Queen Black

The developers of the game also unveiled the upcoming roadmap for this title. Still to come this year are achievements, enhanced party features, and the start of Season 1 to name a few. Not much was said regarding Season 1 except for the inclusions of new maps and cosmetics that could be unlocked. These are some highly anticipated features that held the game back in our review but look to be new additions that enhance the overall experience.

Killer Queen Black was one of the nominees for our Nindie Game of the Year 2019. For a look at why it was selected, click here.

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