This week, Xur is found on the far reaches of Titan, right by The Rig.

where is xur october 20th

This week is easier than previous weeks. Your first step will be to warp on Titan close to The Rig. Go towards Xur and eventually you will drop down. Before dropping down, look for a ledge. Drop down onto it. Once you drop onto the ledge, turn around to the entry path, and Xur will be inside. Not too hard, right?

This week, Xur’s selection is pretty good. He’s offering the Auto Rifle Sweet Business, the Hunter’s chest armor Raiden Flux, the Titan’s gauntlets Doom Fang Pauldron, and the Warlock’s gauntlets, Winter’s Guile.

Sweet Business is a great weapon and a must-have gun, with its large magazine chamber and its ability to refill its chamber as you pick up ammo. It’s great for PvE, not so much for PvP. The Raiden Flux’s Synapse Junctions is great for Arc-subclasses, Warlord’s Sigil makes Winter’s Guile a must-have for all Warlocks, and Doom Fang Pauldron is deadly for Titans.

Overall, a pretty great selection from Xur this week!

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