Umihara Kawase BaZooKa!, the latest title from INN Games, Success Corporation, and Studio Saizensen, is releasing in July with a Standard Edition and September with a SteelBook and Collector’s Edition for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. As of right now, in some countries, the standard edition can be pre-ordered on Amazon, with many more on the way, in terms of both countries and retailers. The digital version of the standard edition is not available for pre-order yet but will be soon.

According to INN Games, Umihara Kawase BazooKa! “is a fast-paced action game where the player’s goal is to clear the screen of enemies by performing skilful combos with their Bazooka and an extraordinary fishing rod. Screens feature moving platforms, perilous obstacles and quirky enemy sea life. Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! offers multiplayer action at its very best and competitive gamers are bestowed with fast-paced battles.”

There are many unique features in the game, including:

  • 22  iconic characters from Japanese cult games to choose from

  • Challenge Mode with 40 Stages to be cleared just like back in the good old days of arcade games (1 to 4 players)

  • Multiplayer Battle Modes (2 to 4 players)

  • Local Offline Play and Online Modes

  • Co-op and Competitive Modes (up to 4 players)

  • Competitive Bazooka-Action in Battle Royale Mode (players fight until only one remains) and Star Match (Timed battle mode where players fight to take stars from each other) will offer hundreds of hours of competitive Bazooka-fun.

The Standard Edition will be $29.99 USD on both the Switch and PS4, physically and digitally. The SteelBook Edition will include a manual, variant cover art, and an original steelbook. It will be available only at the Strictly Limited Games Partner Shop and will retail for €39.99. Ther will only be 1,500 PlayStation 4 SteelBook copies available worldwide on the PlayStation 4 and 2,500 on the Nintendo Switch.

The Collector’s Edition will include:

  • Manual

  • Variant cover art

  • Original Steelbook®

  • Hardcover CE box with magnetic lock

  • Original Soundtrack

  • Hardcover Art Book

  • 4 Stickers

  • 2-sided large Poster

  • 22 Character Cards

Once again, it will only be available at the Strictly Limited Games Partner Shop on a limited basis, with 700 copies being released for the PS4 and 1,500 worldwide for the Switch. It will retail for €59.99.

With the standard edition coming in July and two stellar limited special editions coming in September, we cannot wait for this unique and seemingly endearing game to release for the PS4 and Switch this summer!

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