2018 came and went but the memories remain. Last LA Comic Con ran on the weekend of October 26th – October 28th. While a smaller convention, there were still plenty of content and cosplay to appreciate. VGCultureHQ is proud to present part two of our first cosplay showcase!

Jack Sparrow From Pirates of the Caribbean

LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase.jpg

Jacob Meija is bringing back the Steampunk hype with this Pirates of the Caribbean cosplay. Not only did he have all the parts, but he also had the vibe, the look, and most importantly, the character. Parading around in his best Jack Sparrow voice and accuracy earned him a spot on this list.

Boo(ette) from Luigi’s Mansion

LA Comic Con Cosplay Showcase.jpg

In light of the Todette and Bowsette hype, other cosplayers have taken their own liberties to transform Mario characters into cute versions of Peach. Here we have Alissa Pacheco in her Booette Lolita, putting the “class” back in classy!

Princess Aurora, Prince Philip, Jasmine, and Aladdin from Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin

An adorable family cosplay complete with lots of details and accents. I always love seeing families cosplay together as a bonding experience. It makes for fun memories and great pictures to look back on!

D.va Cat Ver. from Overwatch

I haven’t personally played Overwatch but I love D.va and have been wanting to cosplay this version of her. This cosplayer struts her stuff, holding up her gun and looking confidently at the camera. Other than her outfit being spot-on, she manages to look both kickass and adorable!

Stay tuned for more convention cosplay showcases – perhaps you may get featured!

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