Los Angeles Comic-Con may be a smaller convention compared to, say, San Diego Comic-Con, but nonetheless, the experience was still enthralling. There were wonderful cosplays abound and we here at VGCultureHQ would like to begin a new tradition: a cosplay showcase. As cosplay intersects with everything we cover, it only makes sense. While we ran into many cosplayers, these were some of the best we came across (and this is only part one).

Link and Zelda

LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase

While Link and Zelda’s Breath of the Wild getup seems to be most popular as of late, these two girls did an amazing job playing the part. Zelda’s Twilight Princess costume is her most intricate in the series and was no doubt difficult to put together. Link’s costume is less traditional but really compliments the pair nicely.

We also have our stunning Brianna Barboza, who did a cosplay as Breath of the Wild Zelda, paired up with a Link we just happened to stumble across. I wish the rumors were true and there was an end-game in Breath of the Wild where Link and Zelda got a house together in Tarry Town!

Eto From Tokyo Ghoul

LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase

This is one of my favorite cosplays I came across. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but she actually had a contact lens for Eto’s Ghoul eye. The attention to detail was incredible and even though walking around like that must have been difficult, it was one of my favorite cosplays of the show, especially with the second half of Tokyo Ghoul:re airing right now.

The White Power Ranger

LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase

While Jason David Frank didn’t attend LA Comic-Con (several other Rangers were), his presence still loomed over it like a shadow. Growing up he was my favorite Ranger and my favorite character in the series. This cosplay of Tommy/The White Ranger is better than the actual suit, and that’s saying a lot. There were a lot of Power Rangers at LA Comic Con, but this easily put the rest to shame with its authenticity.

Jessica Jones and Matt Murdoch

LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase

With the latest season of Daredevil (and its best) hitting Netflix this month, it was only fitting to run into Jessica Jones and Matt Murdoch. While Jessica Jones will get at least one more season, the future of Daredevil is up in the future, although season 3 was by far the best season in Marvel’s network of television shows. Jessica was only missing a bottle of liquor!

Brienne of Tarth

LA Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Showcase

This was one of the most detailed cosplays I came across; she even had The Hound’s ear across her neck! Brienne of Tarth is such a memorable character from Game of Thrones and Gwendoline Christie does such a magnificent job playing the character. This Brianne costume feels just as authentic as the real thing!

We have quite a few more wonderful pieces of cosplay, so stay tuned for Part 2 from our esteemed cosplay expert Brianna!

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