Forget VR. Forget upcoming PlayStation exclusives, the Playstation VR, and the PS Pro. Xbox has some great hardware coming out, but the Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming right now. The scary thing is that we don’t even know that much about the console, which will be revealed on January 12th in full.

VR is great technology, but right now it is merely a gimmick with regards to gaming. There are some amazing educational applications to it. They even use it to train astronaughts for space. The Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming right now though, even with the wonderful potential of VR. The real downfall of VR is, simply put, it disconnects you from those around you. You are in a completely new world. Yes, this is VERY cool. The thing is, social gaming with friends on a couch is a lot more enjoyable. VR cuts you off from the social aspect of gaming. Sure, playing games online is fun, but it is still so limiting. So many of people’s fondest memories are simply sitting at the couch playing Super Mario.

The PlayStation 4 has some interesting exclusives coming, especially Horizon Zero Dawn. There isn’t much else that is interesting there though. The PSVR is an affordable version of Virtual Reality, but it is not impressive. It uses last gen technology such as the PS camera and the Move controllers, and the tracking is poor. It’s cool that they are putting Resident Evil 7 in VR, but it’s also concerning as well. Scary games can be too overwhelming in VR. It may not work as well as gamers think.

The Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming not just because of the portability of the machine or the social aspects, but the game lineup. Mario will most likely be a launch lineup and looks incredible. Zelda: Breath of the Wild may have been pushed back a little bit (we don’t know for sure), but fans cannot wait for it. Splatoon is coming to the Switch. Some form of Mario Kart is coming to the system (whether or not it’s a port of 8 or a new title isn’t apparent.)

The launch lineup will be killer and may be the best launch lineup in the history of gaming. It brings gaming back to what it is supposed to be, and that is fun. Getting together with four friends on a living room couch and playing the Switch together? That possibility simply shows how the Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming.

VR is amazing technology. Sony and Microsoft are doing their own things which are exciting in their own right. Nintendo though is doing something wildly different. It is so exciting. The possibilities are endless, and with their killer lineup of games coming up and the social aspect of the system, it is radically different than any other system we’ve seen to date. Nintendo is finally moving away from the Wii brand, which is a good thing, despite how great the systems are.

Nintendo is back. And I cannot wait to see how the Switch changes gaming forever.


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Morgan Lewis is a Video Game Journalist is the Founder, Owner, and Editor-in-Chief of VG Culture HQ. He has been writing about games for over four years and has written over 1,500 articles during that timespan. He first fell in love with gaming when he received A Link to the Past for Christmas when he was six and is the guywazeldatatt. He also loves anime and anything that has to do with gaming culture and Tetsuya Takahashi games.

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  • Hockenmaier

    VR disconnects you from those around you? I’ve had some of the best moments in local gaming recently playing coops games with one person in VR and another on a desktop, or with one person in VR and many others following along from outside.

  • David

    So the Switch is new and exciting, because it has a bunch of old games on it.

  • David

    You know, just once I’d like a fan boy to write one of these that isn’t “the next Nintendo console is gonna be the best cause NINTENDO!”, despite that not being true since 1991.

  • heavenshitman1

    That article sounded so positive I almost thought it was sarcasm at first.

    I’ll be getting Switch day 1 no doubt. Thing Im most excited about..?
    Is actually the heavy rumour of point-aim/motion controls.

    Everyone thinks Wii crashed in the end as motion controls wore off. Thats not true, Wii was just underpowered for its own good, too much cheap shovelware and not enough marketing.

    Games like Metroid Prime, Nintendo Land, Red Steel 1 and 2 etc… Just prove how much more perfect gaming can be.
    PS4pro, and Scorpio can be as powerful as they want. But dual analogue gaming in many genres is either archaic or useless.

  • Nintengoth

    The Switch looks awesome, I’m getting one on release, the best thing about it for me is that I can go anywhere with it lol can’t wait for it!

  • todd

    New solgan “VR with Switch on the Go, not wired up like a mech with PS4 VR”!

    • Morgan

      honestly VR needs to go wireless. I have friends that won’t get it for that exact reason.

      • todd

        I hear ya! My friend at work showed me his living room setup of PSVR & my god I taught he was at the hospital dying.