According to, an infamous site which has been on the Star Wars spoiler scene since the prequels began, this is the listing for John Williams’ The Last Jedi soundtrack. It’s important to note that the post does not have any real evidence, but darthpsychotic from was the person who originally leaked The Force Awakens call sheet which spoiled most of the film. The poster who leaked the listing has been posting images from the Visual Dictionary for the film. They were also spot-on in their Star Wars prequel coverage. The soundtrack listing itself isn’t really that spoiler-ish but read at your own risk.

  1. Main Title and Escape
  2. Ach-To Island
  3. Revisiting Snoke
  4. The Supremecy
  5. Fun with Finn and Rose
  6. Old Friends
  7. The Rebellion is Born
  8. Lesson One
  9. Canto Night
  10. Who are You?

the last jedi trailer preview

  • 11. The Fathiers
    12. The Cave
    13. Sacred Jedi Texts
    14. A New Alliance
    15. Chrome Dome
    16. The Battle of Crait
    17. The Spark
    18. The Last Jedi
    19. Peace and Prosper
    20. The Finale

Hopefully, the soundtrack eclipses Williams’ earlier efforts with The Force Awakens. While it was a fantastic score, some felt that it was a little lackluster compared to his previous efforts. Williams is a legendary composer who has scored all of the Star Wars films. Considering the plot of The Last Jedi, his score should be, by all accounts, magnificent. Even at his age, he’s putting out some of his best work. Hopefully, The Last Jedi is no different.

If this listing is real, it certainly sounds legit. “The Last Jedi” in particular sounds like an epic piece. The titles also match with what we know about the film from trailers and TV spots. Again, be wary, but considering MilleniumFalcon’s track record (I used to be an active member there), I wouldn’t doubt this. Their accuracy is impeccable when it comes to these things.

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