Square Enix’s upcoming turn-based RPGOctopath Travelerwill not include DLC. This has just been announced by the game’s producer in a recent interview. Masashi Takahashi has told Dengeki Online that “this product is the finished project” with no other content planned.

No DLC Planned for Octopath Traveler

This game is already set to include a ton of content at launch. It was previously stated that the game will have 80-100 hours of content, should the player complete every quest. If the player does not go for full completion, it will take an estimated 50-60 hours. This is an already ambitious project developed by the team behind the Bravely series.

For fans that can not wait to jump in, a new prologue demo has become available on the Nintendo eShop. It provides three hours of gameplay from the full game. However, progression will be carried over to the main game once it releases. This will give players just a taste of what is to come.

The wait is almost over for fans who have been highly anticipating this upcoming release. The game was originally teased as Project Octopath Traveler during the Nintendo Switch’s initial reveal. The game has since been showcased multiple times during past Directs. Octopath Traveler is set to hit store shelves this upcoming July 13.

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