Yesterday, approximately 3,000 wristbands were given out to attend the worldwide premiere of My Hero Academia: Two Heroe. I was one of the lucky few who had the opportunity see the film. Going into My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, I wasn’t expecting much. I’ve seen so many anime films based off of anime series’, and almost all were sub-par. I forgot though, this is My Hero Academia. While it’s an original story, it also stays true to the spirit of the series and expands on themes that were only touched on in the anime. It’s fun, it’s emotionally moving, it’s action-packed, it’s humorous, but most of all, it’s a story of hope.


My Hero Academia Two Heroes Review

The film opens in Los Angeles, California, with a much younger All Might who isn’t a well-known hero and hasn’t become the Symbol of Peace we know him as. This is a wonderful comparison to Midoriya, as while he is younger than All Might was in the flashback, he hasn’t become the hero we know he’s destined to become. It’s after this that the true adventure begins.

As Midoriya is All Might’s prodigy, it’s only natural that he bring him along on his excursion to visit an old friend. Little did Midoriya know though that his classmates, including his rival, Bakugo, would be there as well. There are two new characters introduced in the film who are pivotal and the heart of the story: David and Melissa. David is a long-time friend of All Might’s and Melissa is his daughter. David is a scientist, which allows the film to delve into the science of quirks just a tad, which is absent in the anime. Melissa steals the show. She comes off as a love interest for Midoriya, but Melissa is so much more than that. She’s the heart and soul of the film.

What Defines a Hero?

My Hero Academia Two Heroes Review

Melissa is such an endearing character and the special bond she forms with Midoriya is far deeper than the bonds he’s formed with his classmates. This doesn’t go unnoticed though, as Momo, Kyoka, and Ochaco see it as well, creating a very interesting harem when everyone first meets, though this is quickly dropped as circumstances become dire. Although Melissa is an original character created for the film, it would actually be wonderful to introduce her into the anime series as well. Yes, it would be a bit of a departure from the manga, but her character is just that good. Melissa steals the show and it would be wonderful to explore her character even more.

The story is fairly typical for My Hero Academia. There are villains, there are heroes, there are exquisite fight scenes with plenty of smashes, and there are a few twists along the way. One thing the film does do that is superior to the anime is it explores what being a hero really means. In this world of quirks, those who lack one are viewed as outcasts. They are told they cannot be a hero. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes gives us a definitive answer that yes, they can.

My Hero Academia Two Heroes Review

Superpowers aren’t the end-all of being a hero or even a villain. Standing up for what’s right and utilizing your talents for the sake of good and never backing down is what defines a true hero, and that is the theme of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. It’s an incredibly powerful, definitive answer to a question that we never get an answer to in the series, since the quirkless Midoriya inherited One For All from All Might.

Plus Ultra!

My Hero Academia Two Heroes Review

While watching My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, I wasn’t able to hold back the tears. This wasn’t out of sadness, but out of pure catharsis. It was an emotional release. There are so many touching moments in this film that you can’t help but get a little emotional. The plot is fairly standard, but it’s the execution of the narrative which makes the film so incredible. Being able to see All Might before he became the Symbol of Piece was a treat. It is hinted at where in the timeline the film takes place relative to the anime, and it fits in perfectly. While Midoriya’s classmates are relegated to the background, for the most part, each character still has a pivotal moment, so it doesn’t feel like they’re in the film just for the sake of it.

The most important thing to take away from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is that powers don’t make you a hero, it’s your actions that define you as a hero, whether you have a quirk or not.

Anime Expo 2018: My Hero Academia Two Heroes Review
My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is one of, if not the greatest narratives in the My Hero Academia Universe, not because of its plot, but because of its execution and characters.
Overall Score
  • New Characters Melissa and David shine, with Melissa stealing the show
  • The execution of the narrative
  • It defines what a true hero is, quirkless or not
  • The UA classmates are relegated to the background

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