With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare poised to release this upcoming October 25 and has all the making of the greatest Call of Duty game of all-time. The game has not only released a reveal trailer, but a multiplayer trailer as well. Finally, Call of Duty is going back to its roots. The Modern Warfare saga was the pinnacle of the franchise, and Activision realizes that. After the lackluster outings, such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Ghosts, Call of Duty is finally going back to its roots. The first two Modern Warfare titles hold a dear part of my heart, but, this game is a completely different animal. We had the chance to view a video presentation of the title at E3 2019 and were left thoroughly impressed. Friend and foe aren’t so clear cut and depending on the way you play, you could leave having a completely different experience than that of your friends. With the newest multiplayer trailer released, the ante has been upped in a way we haven’t seen before.

The enemies in Modern Warfare are not your typical enemies. While watching the theater presentation, the squadron raided a terrorist cell which included women and children. Yet who were the enemy? In our presentation, while there were women and children, as soon as you turned a blind eye to the women they’d pull out an automatic rifle or a shotgun and had to have been quickly put down. This Call of Duty won’t include a wary that is fought by conventional means, but will be more relevant to how modern-day wars are fought; that is the intrigue. It’s not about nation-states fighting against one another, but rather snuffing out terrorist cells and taking them out. This is an idea which has never been introduced in a Call of Duty title before and gives the franchise a must-needed breath of fresh air.

The mutiplayer for Modern Warfre shows an inordimount of potential. Not only are we getting a fleshed out campaign mode, which is something Call of Duty fans have been yearning for since Black Ops IIII, but the game includes a full-fledged multiplayer mode as well. The multiplayer looks to be the best in the franchise in years. Let’s be frank: Battle Royale game modes are a fad. A year later and outside of Apex Legends and FortniteBlack Ops IIII was a failed experiment. It took risks though, to its credit. That being said though, the lack of a campaign was severely missed and left gamers up in arms. Activision recognized this and Modern Warfare was in development long before Black Ops IIII was released, according to our sources. While not much was shown of multiplayer mode in its reveal trailer it seems to have all the staples that made the original Modern Warfare multiplayer experiences such an arrousing success.

Modern Warfare Preview

While details are still scarce regarding Activision’s Modern Warfare, it seems to promise one of the best Call of Duty experiences in the franchise. In fact, it will be the best Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2. The game is more of a re-imagining than anything and is not connected to the original saga, which means it could launch its own series-within-a-series. I for one am ecstatic, as every Call of Duty fan is. This game will revolutionize the franchise in ways we cannot even begin to fathom, and given many of the original developers from Infinity Ward are back and developing this game gives it a level of confidence not seen in any recent Call of Duty game.

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