Many look at the Xbox One first-party lineup and laugh. In the last year-and-a-half, Microsoft has only released a handful of original games for their console. Instead, they focused on powerful hardware, setting the stage for the future. The Xbox One X is the most powerful system ever created. Though it has a very high price point at $499, it’s comparable to a PC. The system runs true 4K. 4K is the future. When Microsoft decides to do VR, it will be done right. Microsoft is playing the long game contrary to Sony. While Sony rushed out to come out with VR, Microsoft has bided its time. Sony is doing amazing right now and there’s no doubt about it, but Microsoft has set a foundation for the future, something Sony has yet to do.

The PlayStation 4 Pro

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The PlayStation 4 Pro is a very good console. The problem is is that it felt like a knee-jerk reaction to the Xbox One X. On top of that, Sony came out with the PlayStation 4 slim, which probably cut into the sales of the Pro. Not everyone has a TV that can take advantage of the PS4 Pro. The cost is also a major factor. $399 versus $299? Sony has come out with some of the best exclusives in the last two years. They are on a roll. The PlayStation 4 is a must-buy console. But is Sony looking towards the future, or simply living in the present? The PSVR is great for console gamers, but it won’t hold up in the next generation. The PSVR running on the PS4 Pro versus the PS4 is negligible. On the other hand, Microsoft has set a foundation for the future and when they do venture into VR, it will blow the PSVR out of the water. Make no doubt about it though: Sony is going to have a fantastic year, and they haven’t even shown their E3 lineup yet. Their exclusives are second only to Nintendo, which is a compliment.

With God of WarSpider-Man, possibly The Last of Us: Part II, Detroit: Become HumanYakuza 6, and more. Sony’s exclusives the past two years have been unrivaled. The question though is Sony focusing too much on the present and will eventually fall behind Microsoft, or do they have plans of their own no one else knows about? As of right now though, Microsoft is playing a long game and setting a foundation while Sony is more focused on the immediate future.

The Xbox One Family of Systems

Phil Spencer Wants to Support Japanese Publishers

Microsoft has set a solid foundation for the future. They don’t need another console in the next few years; they have the Xbox One X. Its sheer power is not to be scoffed at. While there are no exclusive games for it (yet), it’s only a matter of time (probably a few years) before Microsoft phases out the other Xbox One consoles and dedicates all their resources to the Xbox One X. With the release of the X, Microsoft has set a groundwork moving forward. Many are upset, myself included, that they haven’t released more exclusives for the system. Two years ago the Xbox One was on fire. Now you just have Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3. Michael Pachter thinks Crackdown 3 will move systems, but that’s outlandish and based on his admitted biases.

The Xbox One actually has much more going for it than people would make you believe. The Game Pass subscription service is genius. It’s a fantastic rental service and you’re able to play new games day one. Backwards compatibility is something that’s sorely lacking on the PlayStation 4. I bought Xenogears on the PS3, but low and behold it’s not on the PSN store on the PS4! It’s blasphemous. In comparison, you can play original Xbox games on the Xbox One X, and a lot of them are being enhanced for the Xbox One X. To have a successful E3, all Microsoft needs to do is show up and unveil exclusives. They need Gears 5Halo would be nice, but the franchise isn’t what it once was. They need some original IPs. Bringing Japanese developers on board would be an amazing step as well. There’s so much potential; Microsoft just needs to act on it with the foundation they’ve already created for the next 10 years or so.

E3 Will Decide Whether Sony and Microsoft Move Foward

No one knows what will go down at E3. If Sony decides to announce a new console, which I personally find unlikely, they are paving a path for the future and will continue to battle Microsoft. If they don’t, and Microsoft announces a series of exclusive software titles for the near future, they’re back in business. The Xbox brand has the infrastructure, but they have to act on it. This remains to be seen though. The Xbox One X may be the most powerful console ever conceived, but power isn’t everything. The Nintendo Switch is proving that. The Xbox One X needs to take advantage of its power. Microsoft needs more original software. They need to follow through on everything they’ve worked so hard to build.

Microsoft can do it. They are in good hands with Phil Spencer. The question is, will they? Will Sony move forward with a new console, or an upgrade of the PS4 Pro? This generation will last much longer than people think. A PlayStation 5 may not even happen.

Both Sony and Microsoft have their strengths and flaws, but they play off of each other nicely. Sony needs to look to the future though, as Microsoft has built an infrastructure far superior to Sony’s. In the immediate future though, Sony has the software. That could change though when the Xbox One X reaches its full potential.

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