Crackdown 3 was originally announced in 2014 and has been delayed multiple times since then. It is finally being released this year, in 2018, although no specific date has been unveiled as of this point. This is easily Microsoft’s most pertinent exclusive that has been confirmed to be released this year. Michael Pachter, a long-time video game analyst who works for Wedbush Securities, believes the long-anticipated title has the potential to drive Xbox One sales.

“Crackdown is an amazing series, and if Crackdown 3 is good, it’s going to drive console sales.

“That is really a good franchise. But again, it’s not for everyone- super hard. But it’s a great game experience, and I think it will do well. I think it and [State of Decay] are the things I am looking forward to most on Xbox… I’m a fan of Halo and Gears, but Gears 5 and Halo 6? Okay… I’d much rather play Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2.”

It’s only been a year-and-a-half since the last Gears title (which I think is Microsoft’s best franchise) was released, but Halo is dissipating as Microsoft’s go-to franchise. The last entry in the series was released in 2015 and received mixed reactions. On the other hand, Gears of War 4 was fantastic. Pachter very well may be on to something here. While Microsoft isn’t going to catch up to Sony’s hardware sales, they’re looking beyond the current generation. With the release of the Xbox One X, they have set an incredibly solid foundation for the future. The Xbox brand is very strong, and they are sure to have big plans software-related for E3 2018. There is a lot to be excited about if you own an Xbox One.

Crackdown is a fantastic series and if Microsoft times its release just right, it may well just drive console sales, especially since it will in all likelihood be fully optimized for the Xbox One X. If the Xbox One X receives a price cut, watch out — it will be a major contender this holiday season.

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