Things are getting interesting! There is now a leaked image of Rey and Kylo Ren from The Rise of Skywalker which shows the two with blue lightsabers in hand, about to face off against an enemy, presumably Palpatine (if he’s truly Palpatine.) It is suggested that this is Leia’s lightsaber from when she trained with her brother, Luke, but abandoned the Jedi ways in order to be a mother. While whose saber it is is not confirmed, it does confirm a few things and fits with the idea that Leia is the “heart of the film”, as JJ keeps insisting. The leaked image of Rey and Kylo Ren also allude to several plot points.

Leaked Image of Rey and Kylo Ren

Ben’s redemption is the first takeaway from this image. It’s symbolic; he abandons his mask, he abandons his red lightsaber and takes up his mother’s saber in order to fight to save the galaxy. Rey and Ben team up, which comes from Jedi Paxis’ leaked synopsis (we had nothing from the final act of the film.) It also debunks Matt Dallas’ leak that Rey kills Ben and doesn’t believe he’s turned back.

In the final act Ben and Rey team up to defeat the ultimate evil in the Galaxy. What their fates are in the aftermath of this battle though are unknown. Will Ben die and ultimately pay for his sins, as his grandfather did? Are Ben and Rey siblings? These are questions we don’t have the answers to yet, but it will be an interesting ride indeed.

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