Call of Duty: WWII was probably the best Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 2. Ever since the release of the original Modern Warfare remaster, rumors have swirled that Modern Warfare 2 would receive the same treatment. In fact, people expected it after the travesty which was Infinite Warfare. Alas, the series went back to its roots and released one of its best installments in recent memory. While we are excited about Black Ops 4 (and were the first outlet to reveal the story), we are even more excited at the prospect of a remaster of one of the greatest shooters of all time in Modern Warfare 2.

Now, rumor has it that a Modern Warfare 2 remaster is coming to fruition, but will only contain the campaign without any online modes. Is Activision insane? Modern Warfare 2 has one of the best campaigns in FPS history. America being invaded, the country’s capital decimated, and considering the tensions with Russia nowadays (one of the playable characters in the game infiltrates a Russian terror cel who shoots up an airport) it feels incredibly relevant. Despite how good the campaign may be though, people don’t play Call of Duty simply for the single-player experience. The multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2 is the best in the series, taking all of the best aspects of the previous Call of Duty titles and combines it all into one. Th end result is pure magic. To cut it out of the game is criminal.

The sad thing is that just when we think Activision is beginning to learn from their mistakes and release a Call of Duty game for the ages, they make this horrendous blunder. Yes, this is a rumor per se, but in all likelihood, it will happen. Activision loves to take one step forward and several backward.

Gamespot states, from reliable sources, that the remaster will be released on April 30, which is only about a month away. Even Eurogamer, who has been on fire as of late, has verified with independent sources that the remaster is currently in development. It’s still possible that multiplayer is added on later.

It’s speculated the reason why there will be no online is that Activision doesn’t want to split up the online community among too many Call of Duty games. If this is the rationale behind it, it’s idiotic. Why release Modern Warfare and require fans to buy Infinite Warfare, which no one played, and then eventually sell Call of Duty 4 remastered as a standalone title, which probably did better than Infinite Warfare.

This is just another example of Activision spitting in the faces of gamers. Modern Warfare 2 should have been remastered before Modern Warfare. While it’s not the highest-selling Call of Duty game of all time, although it’s close, it revolutionized the series and gamers don’t deserve to be jerked around like this. In all honesty, Activision should just do a release of the entire Modern Warfare trilogy.

It’s not even that fans are entitled, it’s the fact that the game deserves it considering how spectacular, innovative, and revolutionary the title truly was. It more than deserves to be remastered in all its glory. Hopefully, Activision can realize the error of their ways and at least patch the multiplayer into the game, but that’s incredibly doubtful. Afterall, we’re talking about Activision here.

Modern Warfare 2 deserves so much better than this, and it’s a real travesty that it can’t be honored with the proper re-release that it warrants, and has for years now. With all the sub-par games that have been remastered over the years, is it too much to ask for a complete version of one of the few games that does deserve a remake and which left such a lasting mark on the industry?

Activision, you have so much momentum riding after the release of Call of Duty: WWII. Don’t ruin it, please.

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