Activision’s hit series Call of Duty is set to release its upcoming installment of Black Ops 4 later this year. However, rumors began swirling regarding a Modern Warfare 2 remaster. It was simply just speculation at first but later backed up with an Amazon Italy listing. Amazon is no stranger to accidental leaks. Earlier we had reported that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 was in development due to an Amazon description.

New details have now emerged regarding the rumored remaster. A Raven Software employee has stated that this studio is not working on the upcoming remaster and that it will not include a multiplayer mode. Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will be a single player only affair, according to this source.

Raven Software had previously completed development for Modern Warfare 1’s remaster. It was to be believed that they were, in fact, working on its sequel for current-gen consoles.

If this information is true, it would explain Amazon Italy’s price point of $25 USD. Call of Duty’s first remaster was listed at a $40 price point. It included both single player and multiplayer game modes. The multiplayer mode only contained half of the original maps with the rest to purchase for an additional $15.

Currently, it is unknown whether or not Activision plans to release multiplayer separately or in a package with Black Ops 4. If this rumor is true, Activision must prepare for the backlash from fans of the series. Call of Duty has been primarily known for its online multiplayer, especially among the Modern Warfare line of games. Modern Warfare 2 helped improve its online mode from its predecessor and added the infamous killstreak, tactical nuke. Not including online would be a misstep for the rumored release.