In March, IO Interactive started an interesting poll for fans of Hitman: kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole in the newest Hitman mission. This spouted humorous YouTube videos advertising who to pick, such as how Gary Busey killed all the dinosaurs or how Gary Cole makes funny faces at blind people. This poll was hysterical to those who participated. Now after three months, we’ve been given our champion. The majority of poll takers chose Gary Busey to be eliminated in the new Hitman mission. Although Gary Busey is just too bad to be in a normal Hitman mission, he’ll be in an elusive target mission.  The elusive target missions entitle having one chance to take out a special target. You cannot die in this mission or you will not be allowed a second chance. This mission will be added on July 21 and will be call “The Wildcard”.

Good luck killing Busey, Hitmen.

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