In a thread on ResetEra, Emily Rogers has claimed that the Pokemon Switch release date is in 2018 with an announcement imminent. What she doesn’t say is whether it is a core game or not. Emily is infamous for her hit-and-miss rumors, with her biggest hit being the prediction of a Mario/Rabbids crossover game. She also predicted Super Smash Bros. would be announced this year. She also claimed ports of Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade Chronicles X would launch with the Switch. That was incorrect, but beside the point. Emily has a proven track record.

  • Emily specifies that the title is an RPG with at least two versions. This does point to a main installment in the series.
  • She also states that she didn’t specify whether it’s a remake of a previous game, a core game, a spinoff game, or the next proper installment in the franchise.
  • The announcement is coming soon. This coincides with rumors of a Pokemon Direct before E3.

What I said: I believe a Pokemon game is releasing on Switch later this year. It will be a RPG with at least two versions.

What I didn’t say: I didn’t specify whether it was a core game, a spinoff series, a remake of an older game, or a Gen 8 game.

I won’t be sharing anymore details. The announcement isn’t that far away.”

Emily Rogers isn’t always right, but all of the rumblings this year add up to the fact that the Pokemon Switch release date is late 2018. Junichi Masuda, who is on the board of directors at Game Freak, recently encouraged fans to by a Nintendo Switch if they didn’t own one already. He has been intimately involved in almost every Pokemon game. This fans the flames on the fire. If Pokemon Switch releases this year it may be an even bigger year for the Switch than last.

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