Earthlock: Festival of Magic is the next title in Super Rare Games’ lineup. The company announced that a physical edition, alongside a premium collector’s edition, is coming very soon. This package includes a 200-page art book, two comic books, CD soundtrack, and a full trading card set. Those looking to purchase that version can do so for $123.48 compared to the standard copy’s $38.99. Each is planned to ship immediately once they go on sale Thursday, May 16 through Super Rare’s website.

Earthlock Physical Earthlock Physical

George Perkins, Head of Doing Stuff, stated in an email to customers the following pieces of information to look out for when purchasing:

“The Collectors Edition is limited to ONE per customer

– If you purchase the Collectors Edition you need to place your order SEPARATELY to any other items you want to purchase – but the purchase price INCLUDES shipping costs. No other items can be shipped with the Collectors Edition due to it’s size/weight!

– If you also want to purchase a standard SRG#16 game or PB#4 Pre-Order Bundle (#16/#17/#18) and/or additional trading cards, you will need to purchase them under a separate order to the Collectors Edition. They will ship separately.

– The 2 game limit per release per customer still applies – so if you order a Collectors Edition, you can ONLY order 1 standard #16 Earthlock game OR 1 PB#4 Pre-Order bundle (#16/#17/#18).   Anyone ordering over the quantity limit will have their orders cancelled.

– We can not substitute a Collectors Edition game for a standard #16 game within the Pre-Order Bundle, logistics simply won’t work around that.”

Super Rare Games is a UK-based company that creates physical releases for previously digital-only indie games. Their titles are very limited and are conducted on a small print-run. Notable games they have featured are Human: Fall Flat, Worms WMD, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and The Fairune Collection. The company ships worldwide with each title able to be played on any Nintendo Switch, thanks to being region-free.