Devolver Digital’s E3 2019 press conference has come to a close with its own twist on the event. Dating back to 2017, the company has been one of the best to flip the E3 conference formula on its head. Each year brings a new addition to the storyline that they have crafted and it has been fantastic and hilarious. This year, Devolver took the style of a Nintendo Direct and added a bloody twist. On top of these antics, the publisher unveiled the following list of upcoming releases:

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – PS4 & PC, Early 2020
  • Devolver Bootleg – Steam, Available Now
  • Carrion – Consoles & PC, 2020
  • Enter the Gungeon lightgun arcade game, House of the Gundead, 2020
  • The Messenger DLC, Picnic Panic, free for all systems on July 11th

For those looking to view the conference in its entirety and to look at what’s happened to Nina Struther can do so below:

One game that was surprisingly left out of the conference is Metal Wolf Chaos XD. FromSoftware’s 2004 Xbox exclusive mech game was announced for a remaster from the company during their 2018 showcase. The title had also been slated for a mid-2019 launch date. However, Devolver Digital that more information, alongside its release date, will come following this year’s E3 event.

Devolver Digital E3 2019

Devolver Digital did not show off any new footage for the upcoming, My Friend PedroIts latest release trailer appears set to be the last bit of information before its launch later this month. Despite mocking Nintendo’s showcase, the game was first unveiled during a Nindies Showcase of its own. My Friend Pedro launches for the Nintendo Switch and PC on June 20. Pre-ordering the game now earns customers a special discount to bump the game down to $16.99 rather than its original price of $19.99.

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