Developers, Devolver Digital, provided another eccentric and memorable press conference that will surely stay on gamer’s minds. It was a quick conference that lasted less than a half-hour, yet it still packed a punch. For those that may have missed it or if you just want to look at what was revealed, here is a full recap.

Scum Season 2

Gamepires newest game, Scum Season 2is planned to launch on Steam Early Access later this year. It is an open-world survival game that has players going against mech, as well as each other.


Devolver poked fun at the concept of loot boxes in video games and had a surprise of their own. was set up to sell a brand new cryptocurrency that is so secure, the value is unknown. As of writing, all the coins have been sold out. They were supplied courtesy of Limited Run Games.

Devolver Digital E3 2018 Recap


My Friend Pedro

A unique shooter, My Friend Pedro, was introduced for the PC and Nintendo Switch. Players can tackle various levels as they traverse with a character that has a unique set of abilities. Bullets can ricochet off objects for kills, and ropes can be swung from for unique executions. It’s a bloody mess that is sure to provide a good time. The target release date is for 2019.

Devolver Digital Entertainment System Classic

The company is very aware that remasters of old games sell incredibly well. Gamers will happily eat up old releases for a hefty price. Devolver introduced their newest system, the Devolver Digital Entertainment System Classic. However, the player that was set to use it uncovered that it was just a repainted Sega Dreamcast that contained a bootlegged Japanese copy of Metal Wolf Chaos.


Metal Wolf Chaos XD

FromSoftware’s 2004 release of Metal Wolf Chaos is getting the remaster treatment. Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC later this year.


The conference began to wrap up until it was interrupted by an upset character from last year. A man whose arm was ripped off during the presentation reappeared and shot presenter, Nina Struthers to death. She was later transported to a hospital where she was implanted with the latest cybertechnology to become a fully upgraded executive. Her condition will not be known until next year’s conference.

This was a solid showing from Devolver that was a perfect conclusion to the day. Fans saw some new announcements, in addition to a good show. Devolver Digital will return to E3 next year to chronicle the events of Nina Struthers’ horrific accident.

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