Hideo Kojima announced his studio’s next project Death Stranding at Sony’s E3 press conference earlier this year, but the cryptic debut trailer did little explain what kind of game it would actually be. Luckily, Kojima recently took the stage at Sony’s press conference before the 2016 Tokyo Game Show to discuss the game’s themes and reveal some Death Stranding gameplay details.

Most importantly, Hideo Kojima announced that Death Stranding will be an open-world action game with “online elements.” With this focus on open-world gameplay, Kojima affirmed that players will able to explore the world and enjoy the story with a notable degree of freedom.

Much like Kojima’s Metal Gear games, this upcoming title will focus on a central theme that relates to its gameplay, story, world-view, and characters. Kojima explained that Death Stranding will explore the theme of “strands,” or more specifically, connections. He hopes that the inclusion of online elements in Death Stranding will help to develop this theme, as players will be connected through the game in ways that the action genre has not seen before.

Kojima also confirmed that a game engine has been chosen for Death Stranding, but he has not yet announced which one. As well, Kojima Productions aims to support 4K resolution and HDR in Death Stranding as they wish to deliver the highest quality experience.

Kojima Productions will be featured on Sony’s stage at the Tokyo Game Show on September 18th to further discuss these Death Stranding gameplay details. We hope to hear more about the game’s online features and perhaps even see Death Stranding in action.

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