It’s been nearly two years since the original Cat Quest launched itself into the gaming sphere. PQube, along with The Gentlebros, has crafted one of the most memorable and lovable action-RPGs in recent memory and are back with its sequel. During Anime Expo 2019, PQube hosted a playable demo for the upcoming Cat Quest 2 for players to preview before its launch later this year. The demo showed off a few new additions while also keeping a lot of what made the original so great. It was a fun experience that was satisfying yet left those playing wanting more.

The demo itself is very reminiscent of the previous entry. Those playing fight their way through a dungeon with their new companion and fend off enemies along the path. As objectives were met, XP was gained and new missions were given. It was a brief ten-minute experience that definitely made me want to keep binging on this release. There wasn’t much to explore as there was a set objective and path with a mini-boss fight at the end of it. Overall, it was incredibly fun and left much to be desired.

The newest and most prominent addition to the sequel is the game’s co-op feature. This time around, two cats are available to run through the adventure instead of just one. It plays much like the Lego series of games, in terms of multiplayer. For instance, if there is nobody else able to pick up the controller then an AI takes it over but another player can jump in and out when possible. Having this feature is fun and brings new gameplay variations to the table such as puzzles and attacks. Multiplayer is local and online is not available, though. Having this new feature is great and makes this something to be played with others around and allows for double the fun. For those that won’t be playing with others, don’t worry because it was still enjoyable with the AI as they provided helpful backup.

One of the things that made the original release standout was its immense use of the cat aspect. Locations were named with cat puns, enemies were cats, everything had cats. This is still prominent in the title but now there are canines involved. Your partner is a dog and the plot is centered around the Lupus Empire against the cat’s Felingard. Enemies vary and can be against bad cats and bad dogs with locations both new and old. Having included more dogs, this title has much more freedom to crack jokes and play around with each species. While playing the original, I did wonder if there were any other familiar animals out there in the world and now that question is answered.

Cat Quest 2

Cat Quest 2′s gameplay was much of the same as before. Run around dodging and attacking enemies while also using the occasional magic supply. Now though, with an extra set of paws, more enemies can appear so each player has a role to play. It won’t be one person carrying most of the weight as the other still has damage to do. Players share the same coins picked up and XP received as to not make one over-leveled. This is incredibly balanced and does make it well-rounded. Unlike other co-op RPGs, players feel unified with their partner so they’re more of a team and not a “survival of the fittest” type of game. Your companion is simply that, a companion, no need to rush to get the best loot or earn the most XP to be the best. It’s a straight-forward approach and makes it feel much more relaxing and fun.

Cat Quest 2

PQube and The Gentlebros’ upcoming Cat Quest 2 is set to release later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Those working the booth did state that a physical release was planned but that it may not coincide with the game’s launch. If you haven’t tried the original, it’s currently available both physically and digitally on all major systems.