Spike Chunsoft, the studio and publisher behind the cult-classic Danganronpa series, is developing a new IP under the name Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Originally announced in early 2017, it was only to have a Japanese release for 2018 on the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita. However, today in Spike Chunsoft’s presentation at GDC, it was announced Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will be coming to the West as well.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release on the Playstation 4 and PC via Steam in the North America and Europe. Currently, it doesn’t have a release date.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning isn’t a visual novel like Danganronpa, it’s a full-fledged, dungeon-crawling RPG. The story take place in a bright ruins after the destruction of the Earth, leaving behind eight clones of humanity whom the player will take control of throughout the course of the game. Each chapter of the game will focus on a different playable character. The player will explore post-apocalyptic dungeons and ruins, fighting for survival against the wilderness and its creatures.

Watch out though, you’re on the clock. The clones only have a lifespan of 13 days. However, that doesn’t mean a game over. Succumbing to death is a normal part of the gameplay. Spike Chunsoft says, “Depending on how you die, you can even earn bonus upgrades for your next life cycle. Take advantage of each life cycle to the fullest.” That’s right. Characters will not only be fighting for survival, but will also be looking for meaning in existence full of death.

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