Rumors and hype have been swirling around the gaming community all day in the hopes of a possible Xenosaga Trilogy HD remaster. Publisher, Bandai Namco, has filed a trademark for the phrase “Also Sprach Zarathustra.” Fans of the series are familiar with this phrase because it was the subtitle for Xenosaga Episode III. 

Developers of the series, Monolith Soft, have not commented on the possible remaster nor has Bandai Namco. It would be interesting to see which systems would be receiving this potential collection. The Xenosaga series was a PlayStation 2 exclusive at the time of release, but Monolith Soft has since been acquired by Nintendo. They have now been releasing Xenoblade games as Nintendo exclusives. However, Bandai Namco presumably holds the rights to the Saga line of games.

There has not been a trademark filed for the other two installments of the series, but it would be very strange for there only to be a remake of only the third entry. It is unclear whether or not this collection would be an HD remaster, remake, or a simple port. It is also unclear whether this will release at all. For all gamers know, this could simply just be a misunderstanding, although there have been rumors swirling around of a release of an HD remaster of the series. Hopefully, that’s not the case and we can have the chance revisit this franchise on modern consoles.