Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has surpassed 200,000 copies sold in Japan, with 64,000 of those sales occurring in 2018. The game sits at 75th place for the year in Japan, one spot behind Dragon Ball FighterZ on Nintendo Switch and one spot ahead of Attack on Titan 2 for PlayStation 4. This is especially impressive considering the game came out at the tail end of 2017, when the majority of its sales took place. Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s sales continue to impress, and this doesn’t even take into account the sales of Torna: The Golden Country. The game was already known to have sold at least 1.5 million units worldwide as of earlier last year. The fact that the game has continued to do so well, especially in Japan, bodes well for a fourth Xenoblade game and a possible Xenosaga remaster, considering the Xeno brand is stronger than ever right now. Sony should have included Xenogears on the PlayStation Classic, but if Bandai Namco was smart, which they are, they will re-release Xenosaga in some fashion.

With the sales for Xenoblade 2 surpassing both the original and Xenoblade X in Japan, this is the perfect time to port X to the Switch. Games with far lesser stature have gotten ports and as stated earlier, the Xeno brand is stronger now than ever before.

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