Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is getting an official soundtrack release, revealed by the latest production notes of the game. This is actually quite rare, as games these days do not get proper soundtrack releases anymore. Not even Breath of the Wild has gotten one, and the music in that game was superb. All the Xeno games have excellent music, from Xenoblade to Xenosaga to Xenoblade, and each one has gotten a proper soundtrack release which is a credit to the quality of the music Tetsuya Takahashi brings to his games. Yasunori Mitsuda revealed that the soundtrack will indeed be released in Japan on May 23 of this year. There will be three versions that will be released.

Type A – USB Deluxe Edition

This version is a limited edition and only 2,000 copies will be produced. For 18,000 yen, the USB version of the soundtrack will be shaped like Pyra’s core crystal with a unique serial number engraved on it. It will include a 120-page booklet as well as 126 tracks instead of the 105 standard tracks that the standard edition will include, adding some jingles and additional piano arrangements.

Type B – Deluxe Edition

This is the same as the USB Deluxe Edition but will come on a CD. It will cost 7,800 yen.

Type C – Standard Edition

This is the standard CD edition of the soundtrack and will include 105 tracks from the game. It will also be available digitally.

Considering Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had some of the best music of the year, this is wonderful news. The Nintendo Switch has some games with the best music in the industry, including both Mario and Zelda.

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