Starting March 1, Xbox users will be able to play 7 new titles as part of the Game Pass program. The list is as follows: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Sonic CD, The Final Station, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Euro Fishing, Oxenfree, and Super Lucky’s Tale. However, on March 20, the much anticipated exclusive Sea of Thieves will be added to the program as well.

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This marks the first month that Xbox will bring their newest release, Sea of Thieves, to the program. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, had previously stated that all future new releases will also be available on this platform on day one of launch. Not only this, but they are also bringing their 2017 3D platformer, Super Lucky’s Tale, to the slate as well.

Sea of Thieves will release March 20, 2018, which is also its day of availability on the program. The game will be Rare’s newest IP released since 2006’s Viva Piñata. Rare’s recent games include Rare Replay, Killer Instinct, and Kinect Sports Rivals. The multiplayer action-adventure game will pit players into the roles of pirates as they travel the high seas in search of treasure and a sense of exploration.

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Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription that is available for $9.99. New games are added monthly and do not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

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