Steam creator, Valve Corporation, has just purchased indie-game developer, Campo Santo. The studio is best known for its critically acclaimed hit, Firewatch. The twelve person team released a statement on their website stating:

“The twelve of us at Campo Santo have agreed to join Valve, where we will maintain our jobs as video game developers and continue production on our current project, In the Valley of Gods.”

The exact terms of the deal are unknown, but it was stated that this acquisition came after a “series of long conversations”  between the two. The studio will relocate to Seattle, Washington in order to be closer to their new owner.

The news comes a bit off-guard as Valve has not been focusing much on game development and more on their platform, Steam. They had also been talking more and more about VR and software. It will be interesting to see what path the company has planned for Campo Santo.

The indie developer’s next game, In the Valley of Gods, was first unveiled during the 2017 Game Awards. The game is slated for a 2019 release date, but at the time of writing, is only listed on Steam. It remains to be seen whether this will become a Steam exclusive or if it will see releases on other platforms.

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