This year is going to mark the release of at least one next generation console however the Nintendo Switch is going to be the one leaving a lasting mark. Although the Xbox One Series X and PlayStation 5 are sure to make a splash on the market, it’s the Switch that is going to reap the benefits. Although the Nintendo Switch is the console that may not have the same performance speeds, it still has a package that is incredibly unique which each competitor wants to be a part of.


The Nintendo Switch has quickly become one of Nintendo’s highest selling systems in their company’s history. Fans have flocked to the system and seemingly don’t put it down. Anything and everything seems to do extremely successful on the system as indie games and ports of older games sell well. Titles such as Celeste, Little Dragons Cafe, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 performed better on the system than they did on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even PC. Because of this, major developers and publishers, with the exception of EA, have been more than willing to see a Switch release. Major games like Doom Eternal, The Outer Worlds and Mortal Kombat 11 have been able to run on the system so it’s not as if it’s impossible to release here. The only problem is finding more major titles.

Yes, the Switch versions of these games don’t look as great as they would on other platforms yet that’s not why people buy them. The clear and obvious draw is its portability. Nintendo’s consumer base has made it known that playing games in handheld is a huge factor for purchasing titles, due to the Switch Lite selling over 5 million units in a couple months. Publishers are also well aware of this thanks to the rabid support the system has seen. Now, other big names in the industry are taking notice of this and are eyeing a new potential market.

Microsoft and Nintendo have been extremely friendly these past few years with the release of Minecraft on the Wii U, Banjo and Kazooie in Super Smash Bros Ultimateand various other ventures. Among these ventures were the releases of Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest both Xbox-owned properties. Gamers rejoiced in the fact that they could now play Xbox IPs on a different platform. This has opened up the possibility of other franchises potentially coming to the system but nothing has been made certain. Should this continue, however, the Switch is the one who primarily benefits due these titles being playable on their system. Microsoft has also reportedly juggled the thought of bringing Game Pass to the system but that is unconfirmed hearsay, at the moment.

PlayStation is a bit of an outsider this generation when it comes to cross-play features. Earlier last year, 2019, the company refused to allow Fortnite players queue up with those on other systems, regardless of them being able to do so on other platforms. After much criticism, the company finally eased up on that and extended it to other titles such as Minecraft and Modern Warfare. They appear to have become more relaxed about this topic and may be looking for other ventures. A recent Sony survey suggests that the company is evaluating whether they should bring their Remote Play features to the Switch. Despite not having any of their properties on the hybrid console, bringing Remote Play could be a massive move that would help expose Switch users to the world of PlayStation prior to the launch of PS5. On the other hand, Nintendo benefits again as users now have a portable PS4.

Sony's Lack of Support for Cross-Play

If the two other main platform holders end up bringing more of their titles and services to the Switch, then everyone benefits. More fans are exposed to different properties and could be more inclined to purchase an Xbox One Series X or PS5. Regardless, Nintendo’s console would hold a library featuring content from their two competitors. This would be in addition to their own unique experiences such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Pokemon. Factoring that in with major third-party support and indie developer flocking to the system, the Nintendo Switch would be in a position to “win” the upcoming console generation despite not having the same specs as its competition. Should this support continue from developers and consumers, the Switch could find itself as one of the most successful consoles of all time.