Tetsuya Nomura of Kingdom Hearts fame, who is directing the Final Fantasy VII remake, has teased an announcement regarding the title in Famitsu. He told fans to wait for “important details” that would be announced sometime soon, allegedly this year. This is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII and the 30th anniversary of the series, but there’s no release date in sight. Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been announced for 2018 and we did get a few good looks at the game this year.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve gotten anything regarding the Final Fantasy VII remake. It’s somewhat disheartening. Nomura is infamous though for working on projects forever without releasing them. He was the original director on Final Fantasy XV but was replaced by Hajime Tabata. After they changed directors, Final Fantasy XV finally began to come together.

Maybe the Final Fantasy VII remake needs a change in leadership. Working on both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII is a lot of work, and Nomura has a track record of not following through on projects. Many thought Kingdom Hearts 3 would come out this year, yet it’s been pushed to next year, and that’s if the 2018 release date sticks. At least we’ve seen recent footage from that game though.

How much longer are Final Fantasy VII fans going to have to suffer for before they get some news?

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  • Invisible Opinion

    I would hope the director does not get replaced for either of his two games. Perhaps if he wasn’t replaced in Final Fantasy XV, he wouldn’t have let that game release like that. Too much was cut from the game, and I don’t think Nomura would have let that slide.

    • george spencer

      Even if tetsuya still working on ff15, the game still contractually be release by November 2016. Tabata said so in an interview that he couldn’t get more time before release because of that.

  • Scottie

    A trailer, or some details to see the year out would be nice… Will i need to buy a PS5 to play this game? Hope not.

    • Michael Brown

      I’m easy either way. I’d love an excuse to upgrade.

    • Morgan

      With the PS4 pro coming out last year, I don’t think next-gen is coming anytime soon to be honest. If Nintendo is showing us anything right now it’s that we’ve gotten to a point where “power” isn’t as important as it used to be. It took a while to upgrade all my consoles; I don’t want to have to do that again anytime soon.

      • andrewsqual

        Yeah but future releases of this game will certainly take longer. Will FF VII-2 and 3 be on PS5 though or will PS5 be out before FFVII-3 even releases?

        Its really bad timing. It would have been great if FFVII Remake was out in 2015 with the 2nd part out in 2017 and then the third in 2019.

        Regardless, I guarantee a Definitive Edition will be released of this complete game next gen.

  • atomicjuicer

    Fans are not “disheartened”. Fans are overjoyed this game is being made.

    We dont want it rushed. It may take a few years.

  • Sticky Notes

    There is an error in this article. KH3 has been announced for 2018. It was in the last trailer I believe.

    • Morgan

      the error has been fixed. thanks for bringing it to our attention; sometimes it can be hard to keep everything straight!!!

  • Michael Brown

    I’m happy to wait for this game. No problem. I’d rather wait and get the remake the original deserves.

    • Morgan

      that’s a good point. I don’t know, I’m torn; maybe because I’m just a really impatient person. hopefully at least the first part gets a release date soon or we at least get another look at the game.


    At this point for this game we are WAY PAST the teasing announcements point!

    Get your S#it together Square!